fix carburettor in 1988 Toyota.

  • Опубликовано 31 Августа 2016

    Автор: V8Jagnut

    hiace van.

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yer. it was nasty.


I might be getting an old AE80 Corolla soon for US$500 with only 17,000 miles. Its a bit rusty, but supposedly it was owned by a disabled person, resulting in the hilariously low miles. Cool vid, by the way!




just like new lol


I gotta do that to the 1988 Hyundai's carb it's running pretty bad right now


Good job!, cleaned up nicely.


cool video! might need to do that to my go karts carb bowl... go karts engine was sitting for 3 years before i got my hands on it.


can u help me?i have videos


i can try. what you need help with?

Andy Arp

My dad has this same exact carburetor in his 1988 ford ranger. I'm not really sure why ford used a toyota carburetor. I'm having the most rediculous time with it. It totally kills off all power in the higher end. Its even worse when i set the timing to the normal 6 degrees BTC. In order for it to run in any way decent i have to move the timing up to about 32 degrees BTC. What could be causing this


@bubbaandy89 id say its got distributor problems. id have to see a vid of it running.

Andy Arp

@V8Jagnut I have a video on my channel now of it running. Sorry it took me so long to get a video. College student who works a high hours job lol.


Hey Mate i need a little help with my 22R carb.. I was going to give the it a good spray down with carb and TB cleaner.. Is it worth doing while the carb is still on the engine??

Dima Shamanow

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dr manchu

nice vid but you left out most if not all of the process involved.....go figure


hi mate i having toyota hiace..very similar to this carb,, Having too high idle.. i tryed sdjested idle scrow... nothing change. then try distributor .. advance and retard position.. stil same. any help


some things to look for are:- 1st make shore the cable is not to tight. 2nd see if throttle is closing with idle screw out. 3rd look at the choke settings. 4th look for air leaks. good luck.


do you have any link to a rebuild kit for this carb?

Tha Gav

So was there a noticeable difference in the way in ran out on the road afterwards?


hey I have a 1997 hiace and my cab electoral valve is busted can u help me e-mail me

jelena swalley

BRO that van still runs ha