Замена лампы ближнего света справа KIA CEED

  • Опубликовано 9 Сентября 2016

    Автор: Апгрейд на табуретке

    How to change a KIA CEE'D headlight bulb on a right side? Замена правой лампы ближнего света Kia ceed. Как заменить лампу ближнего света справа? Большой выбор автотоваров: http://goo.gl/qJkuTw (Different auto products). Руководство по ремонту авто: http://goo.gl/33rVLh
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Zachar Fedorov



А я снимаю всю фару, получается не намного дольше.

Sergey Gerasyuto


Plot Nik


Руслан Работнов

Если кто поставит также, как у тебя показано, боюсь фара будет потеть. Так как лампа ставится язычком в верх. Ты сам ее снимаешь язычком в верх, а ставишь неправильно. 

Martin Gardien

Please subtitles in english or german, because I have the same car. Thanks.

Рыбалка по-Русову

Спасибо, сегодня попробуем)

Martin Gardien

Es ist für das Abblendlicht rechte Seite. Kostet bei Bosch 5 €. Please make a German or English translation.


Even though I don't speak your language the video was shot very well and clearly shows how. Helped a lot! Many thanks!

Andrew Hankin

Thank you for posting this demonstration: I have the same car. Be careful NOT to bend the wire spring clip behind the bulb as you struggle to remove the connector from the old bulb; on my Kia Ceed this was the most difficult step because years of heat from the bulb had baked the wires quite firmly in place. Also do NOT touch the quartz of the new bulb with anything (gloves, fingers, dirt, oil or grease) as you install it, or a black hotspot will form the instant power is supplied, reducing light output and shortening the life of the new bulb. Handle the new bulb only by the metal base. Finally install the new bulb with the guidance tab pointing upwards, so the metal base sits correctly on the back of the headlight, then reposition the spring clip on the back of the bulb to hold it in place. At 4:00 this video shows the bulb sitting crookedly in the back of the headlight, which will misalign the light beam from the front of the car. Other than this: nice work with the coolant tank and video camera - I really appreciate it!

Zhenek X

а левую лампу не менял? АКБ не снимал?