How to Remove Radio / CD Changer / Navigation from 2001, 2002, 2003 Lexus LS430 for Repair

  • Опубликовано 9 Сентября 2016

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    Removal & installation of Lexus Radio CD Changer Navigation 2001 2002 2003

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Thanks for that video, I was about to break my dash trying to get that dang thing out.


not to sound like a dick the 1st thing that came to mind when this video started was, is this video a chop shop tutorial, come on a Mexican guy instructing how to remove a radio lol this video made my day but all jokes aside helpful video


thanks man, mine has gone bad, how much does it run to repair these m/l units?


Please contact us with the details of the problem through our website or call 800-580-3376.

Richard Kaz

nice video, and how to change DVD map?



rosalba arjon

Hello, thank you for your video. My dvd player in my Lexus 470 gx needs repair, but I don't know how to remove it, so I went to a place her in fl and they charge 120 just to remove the part. can you show a video on how to remove the dvd player from the car?

Nick_ P_

have a 2004 ls430 with navi..... want to install a double din headunit... is there a kit available to fit the double din???