Car Tech - 2010 Lexus LS460

  • Опубликовано 9 Сентября 2016

    Автор: D13H4RD2L1V3

    It's the car that put Japan on the luxury-car map.

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Liuis Jiang

awesome car! though i admit, remote touch is preferred


coolie is awesome!


I like the ls non sport better.


Just get a Toyota Avalon and call it a day!!!


Help Japan!! Please raise a fund for Japan!!


You forgot to show automatic parking feature!!!

Michael Taylor

Some idiot coined the term Luxury and only stupid people follow. It then spreads throughout the land. Like any Luxury Brand, this is just a well equipped, well designed more expensive car. Lexus #1. =)


Lol.. This guy is funny!


@MADSEEN2009 I guarantee you, that a Avalon wont have the features and refinement of this car.


@MADSEEN2009 Lexus is miles ahead of Toyota in every dimension... look, handling, materials, design..etc.

Yuling Li

this guy focuses on the tiny screen for all cars.

Ivan Dobrichkov

lexus styling is soooo bland

Fahad R

i,m sorry i love this guys reviews but it's full of mistakes everything he said the LS dosen't have it does


@YeuLaKho a Lexus is a Toyota technically.


Transmission settings?? i thought that was the shock absorbers XD. BTW i hv a 2007 ls460l and its got a very nice mein interface... why is the user interface ugly in this one?


wait a minute..doesnt the 2010 model auto park??


I demand cars that let me heat and cool my ass at the same time!

Brandon Williams

@0HOON0 no kidding!!!


@MADSEEN2009 First of all the Avalon is FWD, and this is RWD, which is a lot better. Second of all, the Avalon can't match the refinement, features, prestige, and power of the Lexus. Third of all, this is bigger and better in just every way. Are you seriously comparing a FWD non-luxury car with a V6 to a RWD luxury car with a V8?

Christopher Mercer

Lexus makes really good cars. However I think wood in a car generally looks unattractive. Midnight Blue wood is awesome when matched with similar color schemes. However, even then wood and rubber materials (fabric) do not match.


One of the best cars ever made... and IDK about the guy who did the review but I've always thought the LS was a good looking car VERY handsome.

Alan Zhu

is that a shitload of japanese flags at 2:20?


@MADSEEN2009 i have both an avalon 2011 and an ls 2011. these are VERY different cars.


@MADSEEN2009 you're so stupid and cheap XD

Gabe Rheiner

He didnt talk about the super awesome back seats either, the right rear reclines, is heated, and can give you a message! plus the middle seat becomes a constant center console that has climate and seat controls as well as a beverage cooler! psh the back seat is worth mentioning at least

Gabe Rheiner

He didnt talk about the super awesome back seats either, the right rear reclines, is heated, and can give you a message! plus the middle seat becomes a constant center console that has climate and seat controls as well as a beverage cooler! psh the back seat is worth mentioning at least


This ladies & by far the best, most refined, most reliable luxury car made in the world today...period. I currently drive and S Class Mercedes Benz..but you better believe my next vehicle will probably be a Lexus I am getting tired of all the repairs we Mercedes Benz owners endure but shouldn't have to.


@nGen44 It's spelled "massage" BTW.

Amrit Kang

cool man this realy cool?//////

Gabe Rheiner

@MegaMaster456 whoops...


It's the most reliable, refined and most satisfying of all Luxury cars. If you buy one of these... You won't be stuck with hefty repair costs and the unreliability of the MB S-Class, Audi A8, BMW 7-Series.

Ahmed Harbi

bmw 7 series is better


@ 3:17 the car it copied, bloody badge engineered corolla. What standards did this mediocre fridge with leather in it set exactly?


@go0504333770 And $20,000-$30,000 more. I love BMW to death but when the price of a lower end model from each manufacturer separates two of their high end cars, that's not something to be disregarded.

Steward Lie

I agree with him. This car heavily needs a redesign and it will be back on top. Maybe the Lexus engineers are waiting for the redesign S class so that they can be "best in class" in every department.

Japan Tuner

@stewardlie the redesign will be done towards the end of this year :D

Andy Rusin

the LS Long wheelbase model didnt come out until early 2011. He will probably do one eventually :)


i was gunna ask what the message was ;)


LS has never been best in its class and it never will be better than a 7 series, or an s class, or an audi a8. There is a reason why they have to sell it for less money than the other competitors ;)


Image matters, and a Lexus badge looks much better then Toyota.


Look how hard he has to finger the screen. not a good touch screen.


Just get a Chrysler 200 and call it a day. No need to purchase an S class Benz.


This isn't an English class, so show dignity to a constructive criticism. Btw, why didn't you talk about the self parking capabilities?


i wish my reclining backseats would give me a message every now and then....its just sits there all day and says nothing

Jagdeep Singh

the best part of the video is 5:10 its so funny

Gabe Rheiner

maybe you should take it in to Lexus and have them look at it, mine are rather talkative.


LOL, a LOT of JAPANese FLAGs on the MAP SCREEN, if you are wondering where LEXUS is from, and where he is, apparently he is surrounded by the JAPANESE. BETTER make a GOOD review or they will make you into a SUSHI


Love lexus!


It's spelt "spelt" BTW.


that's optional package. expensive.


Haha, the Avalon is a good car, but the Lexus is just so much more better.


Are most American cars automatic or Manuel?


Lexus is Japanese.


Lexus crap... LOL


The only reason the others beat it, is because they perform a little better. No one even uses the performance of these cars in everyday driving. I pass Corvettes all day everyday that refuse to go the speed limit in a Tahoe. Everything you named is crap to me unless you're wealthy and can afford high repair bills. Everyone I know with a 7 series wishes they never bought it. I also know a Bmw and Mercedes owner that miss their Lexus. Lexus may not win, but they are the best in reliability!


Maybe he would mention it, if that $10k option were fitted. Mind that this is not even the LWB model so there's no way it had the executive seating package anyways.


The Infiniti q-45 02-06 version had just as much cover up under the hood lol..*sigh* that was a nice car


not entirely, I own a 2006 avalon limited and has almost the same exact features as it does with an ES, same nav, leather seats, etc, just with different style....even the engine and horsepower is the same with irs 3.5 liter with 272 hp.....the difference is just in the name


According to Forza 4, Luxury Japanese cars are American. Its just that they aren't.

Aki Kurose

And Gran Turismo 5.


They call them "American" because they started in America, even though they're technically Japanese.


i've owned all 3 of the LS vehicles '95 LS400/ the '04 LS430/ & now the LS460... Lovley set of vehicles but the LS 430 is by far my favorite.


my 2007 LS460L is almost fully loaded it parks it self and the rear seats recline but no dvd or the height adjustment

Kimbo Phillips

Lexus Luxury #1



smit patel

he just said all the cons no pros


Why I gave up on German cars and have owned an LS for many years: Nothing goes wrong with it. The worst thing about them from my perspective has been dealer service. The technicians are all right but other aspects have been very bad in my experience. Happily my friends and I have found good independent shops for routine service. I usually do oil changes, brakes, etc. myself just for the fun of it.


God ! The most annoying voice I've ever heard !


Lexus quality waaaay above any German car

Code Zero

What you dont say anything about Auto parking

Dark Phoenix

I just love this car, this will be my next car.


what the germans don't have and lexus does, is bullet proof reliability!

Bunny Biedenharn

I couldn't understand half of what that guy was saying. But anyway, as a repeat Lexus buyer, I have to say that we do not use ANY of that garbage he's talking about. I gave up, three cars back, trying to figure out how (and why) to use those stupid 'paddle' thingies. We don't use the screens or the voice crap. All of those things are just HINDRANCES. I wish Lexus would just concentrate on making the cars safer, and even more quiet and durable than they already are. Oh, and we stopped even turning on the sound systems about a week into our first Lexus. The sound systems are so "good" they make our ears bleed. We HATE the sound systems and haven''t even turned them on, with the last few cars. Even listening to foreign language CDs is painful after a few minutes. 


2:20 Japanese are taken over, see the flags?

Mr G

The most stupidest thing he said was why he could not turn on the heated seat and cooled seats at the same time wtf

Kevin Kormoss


Frank Assnot

My god that looks boring


I wonder if the reviewer is actually stupid by saying turning on heat and cool at the same time, or he has been paid by the stupid German engineers.

Andre Cubano

Terrible ending

Roblox Unbiasedchase24

Same as the 2010 Toyota Avalon limited gosh


5:08 all of that useless info about branding and nothing about how it sounds. Please get your priorities in order.

SaLad G

'One of the biggest in the business at 8 inches' Brian Cooley


this toyota is a piece of SHIT


toyota is GARBAGE


everything that toyota makes is UGLY STUPID JUNK & GARBAGE toyota is TRASH toyota is SCUM toyota is the enemy