How to Change the battery on a Lexus ES300 three button key remote

  • Опубликовано 9 Сентября 2016

    Автор: Pj Danita

    Using an eye glass repair kit purchased from Dollar General and batteries purchased from, I will show you how I replaced the batteries in my 3 button key remote, in 3 minutes.

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William Cooke

Another cool video by Pj Danita☺.

Jaime Padgett

Hey love thanks for sharing enjoyed

Mallory Mirenda

great video thumbs up


Great video. It's so cool when you can figure out how to do these things yourself and save some money. Tfs. :)

Fernando&Colleen's Adventures

Very well done!thanks for sharing.

My Gaming

awesome :) th-up !

Valerie Reese

Good to know. I got a set of small screwdrivers for changing batteries in remote controls for the boys toys at Dollar Tree. A set of 5 screwdrivers for one dollar. Some were phillips and some were flat head screwdrivers.


Great video! I wonder if you can use this same process for all car key remotes.


$15!! Cheeky gits :0) x

Hanna Domjan

thanks for sharing:)

The Smart Budget Channel

(+1) Great instruction video. My BMW key has a rechargable battery. It charges while it is in the ignition.

Danish & Aniko

Sooo Cool video!! Big Like!!!


привет! классное видео! лайк, реклама!

Jupiter April

good stuff <3

Ronda Frank

Great tip!! Good information.

Federico Borluzzi

I never had to change batteries on devices like this, but I'm sure that it will happen someday!

Pink Fairy

like and share

Nalia Rose

great video thumbs up

Vickie Eisenstein

I just give the key to my mom and she handles it, lol

Fallah Ah

very nice

Legendary Bacon

Great Video! Like

Pet Monster


homemade recipes

Great video!

Deirdres Reborns

Another great video xxhugs

Deana Petrelli

Great video!

Lola K

Great tip!!


You are a keeper lol.

HeySweds Vlogs

This is so good, cost SO much to have it done at the dealer, they RIP YOU OFF!!! Great video friend :)

the Klumpenkind

Klasse Video !!!! Thumbs up!


OMG.. Thank you .. I need to do this for my spare eye.. Do you know that stores wanted almost $300

D_is_for_ Duck

I would be scared to mess it up. Lol.

Jenny Sun

great sharing my friend :)

Frugal Homesteading

Good job thanks for sharing

F.N.X Marshall

#30 Amazing Video