Lexus LS400 SC300 SC400 ES300 GS300 Remote Key Replacement Kit

  • Опубликовано 9 Сентября 2016

    Автор: mikadotech

    To Order:
    Mikado Technology Company
    This remote key replacement kit made to perfect fit:
    1990-1994 LS400
    1992-1996 SC300 SC400
    1992-1996 ES300
    1993-1997 GS300
    The remote key kit comes with:
    A) One Receiver
    B) Easy Installation Connecting Wire (plug and use)
    C) Remote key (min one key needed, or max 6 keys capacity allowed)

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What is that for?I have a 1993 es300,i'm interested in it.

Jajuan Marshall

where u get the kit from


@corolla1130 its an official car alarm not the cheap 1's they sell u in stores


Where do I purchase the Lexus factory alarm from? i don't want an aftermarket alarm. i like my car to be original and I like the key fob better than my current one. I have a 1994 Lexus ES300, reaching 100k soon, so yeah. Help me out please!


Looks good, How do I make an order ? I am waiting for a response ? guy's one week now.


doe's anybody know how to get one of these remotes? they look great but no body is responding to my request to order one. Thank you


that's too bad the seller is not responding this looks to be a great bit of kit here, if its reasonably priced i would consider buying this also as i only have one key for my ucf10 and its stuffed


@mrlexus033 thats great news! is there an email address i can use to get in touch with these guys? also in aus and desperately need a new key!!

Rami Eilian

does the key have a lexus emblem on the back?

Fred Velasquez

How bout for 1997 sc300

Anthony Init

i have a question, does the car light blink when unlock or lock? is it possible to set my car horn to activate when unlock or lock

samuel mitgang

how much!!!!???

Tracy Johnson

Do you still offer these systems? If so How much are they and what is the turnaround time? Thanks Tracy Johnson


I want for SC300 1992

Simon Jeffrey

is the guy still around.. been trying to get hold of him

Simon Jeffrey

yeah they don't answer e.mails.. had a mate in the states ring him. $250 for unit and 2 keys + delivery