Spark Plugs and Ignition Coil Packs Wiring 1994 1995 1996 Lexus ES 300 Toyota Camry Avalon 3.0L V6

  • Опубликовано 31 Августа 2016

    Автор: Auto Parts Direct To You

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    Coil Connectors:

    Complete Tune Up Kit:

    Air Intake Hose:

    In this video we'll show you how to replace the spark plugs and coil packs on a 1995 Lexus ES 300.

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How do you know when a Ignition Coil is bad?

Auto Parts Direct To You

@joe27077 You can test an ignition coil by removing it and doing an Ohms-test, your service manual should tell you what the resistance should be across the coil terminals, using a multimeter you can measure the ohms according to the service manual and see if it is in range of the specifications. Thanks

Eclipso Zombie Slayer


F Albert

Somehow, thru the power of GOD i did my rear plugs without removing the intake! took a few flexible extensions sockets but i did it!


u are great guy. I want say thank you again and again .I fixed my car after I watch your video.finally I want to say one thing please keep going by making video because it helps alot of people like me.


where can i buy the connector? i looked everywhere but no one sells them.. please let me know

Auto Parts Direct To You

@s0tseri Unfortunately you have to get them from a toyota/lexus dealer.

Gilbert Gonzalez

Good idea bad presentation...

Auto Parts Direct To You

@gilgonzalez1982 Would you mind giving a few more details on why you feel it's bad presentation? We like to improve our videos based on viewer's comments. Thanks!

Gilbert Gonzalez

There where tip of what to look for and what to be careful with...

Joseph Rodrigues

Great video thanks very much.


@APDTY hey, bud, the video is very well presented. I like it a lot. After watching this video I am quite confident of doing it on my ES. Thanks so much. The other fellow said " a bad presentation" I don't think there will be followers. The quality of this video and the information presented is just perfect. Please keep up with the good work.

Auto Parts Direct To You

@millikenway Thanks! :)


ive never had to remove the intake or throttle body to change the plugs in the back


@APDTY do you know the part number?

Auto Parts Direct To You

@mrjost55 Sorry but I did not write down the part number so I do not know what it was.


@APDTY I found it! 90980-11246

Auto Parts Direct To You

@mrjost55 Awesome, thanks! I'll add that to our video notes.


Nice video, but one minor error: That car is NOT a 95, it's a 94 model! How do I know? Because the 1995-96 versions only have *three* ignition coils (those two years got wasted spark), and three regular spark plug wires. Only the front bank of cylinders has coils in 1995-96 (the even-numbered cyls 2/4/6). The coil from #2 connects to #5, 4 connects to 1, and 6 connects to 3 Cylinders 135 246 (front)


@bottomlayer However, the coils themselves are the same, except there are only three. Meaning, the part number is the same as you said in the video description


thanks, this the video i was lookin for... great break down, step by step info....


how much did you charge this customer?

Christopher Adams

i have a es 95 and i need to get this work done. How much did you charge whats a good price?

Auto Parts Direct To You

@Arty808 The book time on this job calls for almost 2 hours of labor, so the price depends on your local labor rates, (here it is about $90 per hour on average). Plus the cost of the parts.


would same procedure apply for 2000 es300?

Auto Parts Direct To You

@lexusfan100 The 2000 es300 Is very similar, if not identical procedure.

barkim khan

nice job,i have a gs300 i gonna do it my self,thank you!!!


Did u get the coil connectors from the dealers?


You know you can get to the back plugs without taking the manifold off...use a double flex ratchet and an extension

Hiroshi Katoh

thanks.chrenge it.mycar is windam.


Thanks for posting. I own a '97 ES300 that I converted to run on natural gas. I always wondered how to get the intake manifold off.


What a great video. The whole job went super smooth. All nuts/bolts easy to reach. Prior, I purchased the plenum gasket( Felpro MS95407)and throttle body gasket(Felpro 61020) (EGR tube has gaskt also- I didn't buy) Plenum & TB gaskets were made of metal and I could have re-used them.Two electrical connectors did fall apart but both were front connectors so I was able to complete the rear job. I would advice you buy these connectors prior so you are prepared for the worst. Thanks-excellent video.


Thanks for video.. That is big job i don't think i can do it


Never had to pull the intake on my 96 Avalon to to the rear plugs, maybe less room on the Lexus?


He's right I remember now, thats how I was abile to do it on my 96 Avalon, if the car did have DIS packs in the back Id have no chance.

Auto Parts Direct To You

According to my information the wasted spark version of this engine did not start until 1996 models. Perhaps this one was unusual, but it was a 1995 model for sure.

Sergio Achard

Thank you for uploading this very instructive video. Very difficult labor to change 6 spark plugs. I own an IS300 2004 and having quite a hard time changing the spark plugs myself. There was some oil flood in the spark plug hole and I wonder if a gasket is broken and needed to be replaced...? These engines are not easy to work on. Kudos to you!

Auto Parts Direct To You

If you are finding oil on the spark plugs or ignition coils, it is likely that you need a new valve cover gasket.

Sergio Achard

Yeah...I agree with you. The mechanic who helped me finish the spark plugs installation said the same. I will keep that in mind until I save some more money and the time to do it. For now the car is once again running great and at have again a means of transportation. Expensive work (all together close to $200 with tow truck included). Now, the "check engine light" came on...twice! (after being erased once from the memory by the mechanic) any suggestions? Thanks!

Auto Parts Direct To You

What trouble codes were stored in the memory when the check engine light came on? The engine light only comes on if the computer detects a problem, and the computer will store a code which helps diagnose the problem. Your mechanic should have pulled those codes before clearing them out of the system. if you have those, we can try to point you in the right direction.

Sergio Achard

The codes I got from the OBD2 were: P0154,P0153, P0430 and P2197. I'm more confused now about what's the problem with my Lexus is300. Maybe you can help with some more advise. Thanks!

Auto Parts Direct To You

Those codes are all oxygen sensor related,, I would recommend you replace all of the oxygen / air fuel sensors. Being a lexus (Toyota Engine) the "Denso" brand is recommended in your situation.

Sergio Achard

Yeah, that's what they told me, however I checked 2 sensors and they seem O.K. and the one being replaced as the one that triggered the other is the Throttle position sensor (Aisan brand). I hope that will solve the issues since before the spark plugs change, never had any other problems of this kind. Thank you for the advise. Denso is the brand I look to install in future repairs related. Have a nice day!


how do i know which one is the ignition coil number one ?

Auto Parts Direct To You

The quickest way to identify which cylinder is which, is to find a "Firing Order Diagram" for your specific car. That should be located in your repair manual or you may be able to find the diagram searching the internet.


Excellent video. My daughters 1994 ES300 has a couple of cylinders with multiple misfires. Your video showed me what to do and what to have in preparation, 3 rear coils and new connectors. Thanks

William Neal

Great Video. Couple Questions. Why would you only replace the back three coil packs and not all 6? Also why didnt you use antisieze on the plugs and dielectric grease on the connections?

The Cord Kid

I have a 1995 toyota avalon xls, I'm trying to find out if those connector clips are the same ones for my car, would you know off hand? Having a heck of a time finding these little guys. Excellent video, thank you for this, and thank you for the product link in the description.

Auto Parts Direct To You

Thanks! The avalon will use the same connector clips, you can find them by clicking the link just below the video.


this is why I hate front wheel drive


how much should a repair like this cost, i went to a local mechanic and the estimated $240.00

Auto Parts Direct To You

That is probably about right for a mechanic to do the work. You can always do it yourself and save a ton of money though!


looking at 03 avalon. looks like plugs, coils, connectors, and new gaskets for intake and ignition are gonna total like $250. great design by toyota to gyp money from customers.


ahhh...really you dont have to take off the intake many dont know this but if you just use an extention and angle it you can get to all three back there...taken off the coils is not that hard either..take some time it's tight back there but you can do it like 30 mins..... and not worry bout if you got the intake on there tight enuff why work hard when you dont have to

ben king

i have a 1997 lexus es300,are the coil packs the same way as the 1995 model. Where is the knock sensor located?

francis noguera

you are exactly right, it can be done with by using a stubby 3/8 ratchet or 1/4 and different small sizes of extensions. If you take out the plenum change the valve cover gasket as well.

Sean Rush

I did this today I hate this car with all my heart

Carlos Orellana

Really helpful the same thing happened to the intake hose of my Lexus might have to get it from you guys thanks!!!


Yeah I've never pulled the intake, to much bull and usually not necessary. Also have two spark plug sockets, one with the boot to hold the plug half way in the boot as you insert it, and one to tighten the plug. If you use the one with the boot the whole time the socket will not let the plug go when you take your extension off. This is why you put the plug in the booted socket loosely to be able to pull if off after you've started the plug by hand.

Jas George

Is this the 1MZ or 3VZ engine?


So I just changed all 6. I removed everything like you said and followed every step. After changing everything I noticed a sputtering idle and a check engine light? What could be the problem sir? Please help. Thank you

keith stone

Dude, if my hands could move that fast, I would never leave my house...


my intake hose split and car ran like shit and I overlooked the hose it was hard to see the split unless you push and turn on hose haha

Gianni Quintana

Very good video, I have an ES300 2001, my engine is misfiring and I think it has to do with my ignition coils. If I were to take it to a mechanic, how much should they charge to get the repair doneÇ


Gianni Quintana Here is a rough estimate range at a regular shop (non-dealership): Coils $95-$160 each Connectors (if Needed) $4-$6 Each Plugs $6-$12 each Intake Gasket $30-$40 Labor Book Time Is 1.4-2.5 hours depending on how many connectors get replaced, the labor rate in our town runs around $85-$105, so at the highest it is 2.5 hours times $105 = $262.50 A dealership would mot likely be much more


I did my not put back that bolt that holds that metal lift bracket to the back of the plenum


a friend of mine just bought a car like this a few months ago. this car is flawless by comparison though. did you buy the new intake hose from the dealer? or is there an aftermarket company that makes them now? also my friends car has every coil pack marked w/ the firing order. (1, 2, 3..etc.) does that mean that the coil packs have to be bought specifically for the firing order? any help is much appreciated. 

Andre Pinto

i went to the website and it says quantity 1 for the conectors it means just one or one set of 6?

Auto Parts Direct To You

Here is a link to the complete tune up kit at Amazon: 

Auto Parts Direct To You

Here is a link to the coil connectors available at Amazon: 

farnis coni

where is the spark plug wire?

Grunge LovR

Hi. I have a 95 ES300. I just changed the Y pipe today. It sounds way better but I still hear a little clacking sound from the motor. Like: tik tik tik. The mechanic told me it`s probably a trap. I don`t know what he`s talking about but another mechanic told me I need to change the rear right exhaust manifold. I bought one from a scrap yard. Apparently it`s a damn big job. It`s evaluated to 8 hours. And I`m not even sure if that manifold is perforated.

Krish DJ

Thanks for the connector link buddy. It's all broken on my 1994 2 door Camry SE V6.

Patrick Chemodurow

how many bolts is there for the intake manifold, i looked at the gasket online and count 7. is that correct?

eresunghost13 tt

I changed the rear spark plugs without removing intake manifold I just used extension and 2 different ratchets

eresunghost13 tt

a 1/4 and a 3/8


A lot of people are saying that it can be done without removing the intake, I wish they would stop talking about it and upload a video showing how it's done.

Sam Ashwin

This is fantastic Video, very clear step by step, excellent job. I was actually looking one for Estima Deluxe 2002 but couldn't find any on any website/youtube. Does anyone know if they have come across one, which helps a lot, as Estima Engine is under front Driver seat and I have no clue where to start "digging".......Thanks.


thank you for this video! Helped me a lot doing my 94 camry. rock on