Starter Replacement: Toyota / Lexus

  • Опубликовано 31 Августа 2016

    Автор: speedkar99

    DIY Instructional video on how to replace the starter on a Toyota or Lexus vehicle.

    Procedure is simple requiring just basic hand tools.

    The air filter housing, air inlet tube and battery must be removed to access the starter on the transmission side of the engine.

    Starters often fail because of worn contacts or solenoids. They can often be rebuilt for much cheaper than a full replacement.

    Inspect the flywheel and starter teeth for damages before reinstalling the starter. Chipped teeth are not a good sign and evidence that an attempt was made to start the car while it was already started.

    Make sure you keep the old starter to return to the parts store, as they charge a core fee until you return the old starter.

    Using anti-seize on the air box bolts is a good idea as the area around the battery are rust prone.

    For this job, tools needed include a flat head screw driver, needle nose pliers, 10mm wrench, a 10mm, 12mm and 14mm socket with 6" extension and a ratchet.

    This DIY applies to most Toyota or Lexus FWD vehicles, such as the Lexus RX300, RX330, RX350, ES300, ES330, ES350, Toyota Highlander, Camry, Avalon, Corolla, Sienna, Tercel, Matrix, Yaris, Echo, Solara and Rav4. The only difference might be the access around the air box and battery area.

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Did it 2 years ago. 


No reason to take off front cover for radiator 


Nice work!


I noticed the 'new' starter was similar to the one you took out. Did I make a mistake or was this intentional? Either way, thank you for your work. 


+ff5gus The Lexus has that plastic cover over the rad cradle that covers the bolts for the battery and air inlet tube, so it should be removed.


I just pried froward the rad candle to expose the air intake bolts the 


Hi. I just came across the fact that 99 camry le 2.2 l 4 cyl auto has a differential and the case is separate from transmission. Can you kindly verify? The differential drain plug is a little downward from the front than transmission drain plug and fill up plug is behind up the case. Thnx in advance 

Kathleen Ketchie

Does any one have a video on how to replace a starter on a Lexus 470 LX 1999 ???

Yusuf Sheth

Great video walk-through. Nice tips. 


I have the same engine in my 05 camry SE. Found this video very helpful! 


Thank you! Used your video step-by-step to replace my starter on my 2004 RX330. I don't know anything about cars, other than what I watch on YouTube and your video was great! Everyone told me I had a bad starter which was not engaging the fly wheel (one dood said to get under and hit it with a hammer, and no need to replace it) and after replacing it, my car started, so I guess they were right.

Michael Orr

Very well done. Thank you.

Maurice Ball

Is this the same for a 1991 LS 400?

Jamal Fox

Your video was very useful thank you very much man...

Hashem N

Thank you very much for the video. I have a 2011 Camry which has developed a very bad corrosion on the + battery terminal. I replaced it with an old style (marine) terminal, since the factory one seemed very flimsy. The car would not start. Now it starts, but according to my wife who drives it, it sometimes is silent after pushing the start button.I don't see a battery fluid residue on top of the battery, yet why the corrosion is the mystery. The felt under the terminals did not help either.any ideas? Thanks.

Chris Sameck

awesome video. thank you. i like how you condensed it

Chris Sameck

now that i successfully replaced my starter motor, i want to say... thank you for this awesome video! i have a 2006 sienna V6, and everything in the video was spot on


Great video, helped make the job very easy.

Alisha Stidham

I used your video to change my starter with success however the clock isn't keeping time now on the dash. Any advice?

Albert Har


Sy Jalali

Just a note to express my sincere thanks for this post. It was very helpful for replacing my starter today.

Adrian Cunningham

I cant believe no one did a video for a gs300 inline 6,,,ahhhhh,,,,


Excellent video on a DIY job. Thanks for making this!


Awesome Video. Today my 06 Toyota Sienna needed the starter replaced. I checked your video, got the general idea; purchased the starter at 5:30pm; finished replacing starter by 8:00 pm. Thanks very much!!!


great video thankyou!! qustion though? did you put the same starter you put back in? thanks!

Steve Smith

Nice job

Robert Harold

Just replaced mine on a 2003 Lexus. Thanks so much! It works!!!!

Linden Wong

Starter went out tonight and with this video I was able to remove the bad starter and install a new one in a couple of hours. Thanks so much for this video!

David Kilpatrick

This is the first time I've worked on my 2002 Lexus ES300 which I purchased in May 2016. Your video was very straight forward. Thanks to you, I saved approximately $225.00 and it took me less than one hour from start to finish.


great video thanks, mine kept spinning without engaging the flywheel took it to autozone they tested it and said it works even the solenoid worked when they tested it. Eventually decided to buy a new one after failing to make the old one work and new one did the job.

Enesi Vilisone

Hi, can I proceed this steps on a 1992 Lexus ES300?


Wow man, great video! I NEVER comment on YouTube videos, but you put 99.9% of DIY videos to shame. If only everyone made videos of this quality. Well done!


Спасибо, помог пздц


Lot of work to just replace a stater better get right the first time......