Lexus RX 330 Radiator Replace

  • Опубликовано 9 Сентября 2016

    Автор: The Car Doctor

    In this video we follow the step by step process involved in replacing the radiator in a Lexus RX-330. Also discussed are the differences in aftermarket radiators versus original equipment parts. in the video I mentioned use of The AirLiftII cooling system refilling tool. Here is a link to this video:

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N Smith

Great video !


Nice vid Tim, great advice on buying quality parts. I like the custom colour tool box in the background , suits a custom top notch Premium repair channel.

joel mccoin

I am finding that more and more aftermarket parts are poor, this is another example of it. Great video, Thanks Doc.


That wasn't too bad... I was expecting a more complex front end removal. Let's hope that this one fails outside of the warranty period, so you can get your money (labor) back from this one.

Attention to Detail

Thank goodness you are back on video!!!

juvenal alvarez

one more exelent video car doctor. condratulatins. keep doing great videos for your viwiers.


I try to by manufactures parts but your right, sometimes the price they want is just too much. There pricing themselves out of parts. Nice work on the one doc!


lol lota work for a radiator. is it really a lexus? j/k

Jeff Collins

How to replace a radiator with only one hand! Nice video.

J Ma

Can you share which after market radiator you used?

American made

Couldn't agree more Car Doctor! Poor design is exactly what it is. I have horrible luck with after market radiators and power steering rack and pinion assemblies. One year is about all you get out of both.


I had the same thing happen with my Dodge Ram. Plastic construction meeting steel leads to thermal strain with the dramatic swings of temp.

Lee Abel

That's the best instructional video ever. Very precise and detailed, step by step. Please do some more videos. Thanks.

Александр Чаплиев

Что показал, как заменять, это конечно спасибо, но вопрос вот в чём, никто, никто до сих пор, так и не назвал причину течи радиатора, ведь это же Лексус, крутая машина и к тому же очень дорогая, казалось бы должно быть всё идеально, а оно - каждый год, в России, приходится менять радиатор, это ведь не серьёзно, тем более для такой машины?


This is not a dyi job as getting to the lower bolts of the fan assembly is not accessible.