How to Change the Lexus Remote Battery

  • Опубликовано 9 Сентября 2016

    Автор: Libertarian Lex a proven helper story

    How to Change Battery in Key Fob Remote Lexus ES GS LS RX 250 300 350 400.

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Madjid Emami

Thank you very much for that.

misagh karimi

Thanks, Very helpful.


Great and easy. You were a big help! Thanks!

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@vocalactress95 Thanks. I've made other Lexus GS maintenance videos, if you care to check them out subscribe to my channel, because I plan on doing more :)

priyanka priyanka

Hey where did u purchase the battery ?

Proven Helper: How-to Guides & Reviews

I think I went down to CVS or Walgreens.


you can get the battery at Walmart. The Lexus dealer can do it for you for $5.


Thanks for the video man! Now my wife can quit bitching to me about it...

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LOL :) Glad to help. Check out my other Lexus videos.

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Hey Every BODY :) Check out my Lexus Street Race video that I posted on 10/14/2012. It's between a 2006 Lexus GS300 and a 2012 Lexus ES350! hot and very surprising at the end!


Thx! :)

Frank Zhu

thanks for shareng

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No problem. I love sharing my do-it-yourself tips for my Lexus, Mustang, Computers, and Internet Speed Boosting Tips. Check some of my other videos out, you'll never know what I have until you look.

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You're welcome. Check out my other Lexus related videos; there's a few useful ones and even some entertaining 1's too. I also have Lexus Performance Tests! Subscribe to my channel so that you're always in the loop :)


Thank you, my mother was looking for a way to change without going to Lexus car dealer shop :D

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Thanks I have a few videos that can save your mom some money on her #Lexus service.


theres a tab/indent to put the key tip in when you remove it from the fob to change the battery much easier to pop open

Gredta Hubbard

Thank you, thank you, thank you! more going to the dealer.

Gesow Azam

Lifesaver! Thank you so much!

Robert West

THANK YOU!! I went to 3 different jewelry/watch repair shops and NONE of them had a clue how to do this.....they all wanted to send me to the dealership

Gautam Balakrishnan

thanks a bunch. i am stuck in Kuala Lumpur - brought my Lexus GS 300 here from Singapore and my battery died. to be fair it had been saying "low key battery" for the past week. no one had a clue and the dealer is really far away. so i saw your video and fixed it myself. keep up the good work..

C. Payne

Thank you! Just thinking about going to the dealership was stressing me.

Esequiel Echeveste

saved me $10 champ!!!

Miyamoto Clan

Does the remote maintain memory after the battery is changed?

cindy hartley

Thank you so much! Great video. Also, ttjoshtt's tip below about inserting the key tip into the little indent/tab makes it easy to pop open the fob, which I was having trouble prying open.