Lexus Remote Key Fob Battery replacement video. CT200h IS250 IS350 RX450 GS430 GS450h GS460 ES350

  • Опубликовано 9 Сентября 2016

    Автор: RogersCT200h

    CR1632 - Battery - Used for the following. Check your owners manual to be sure.
    2011 CT200h
    2007 - 2011 ES350
    2006 - 2007 GS430
    2007 - 2011 GS450h
    2008 - 2011 GS460
    2010 - 2011 GX460
    2010 - 2011 HS250h
    2008 - 2011 IS F
    2006 - 2011 IS250, IS350
    2010 - 2011 RX450h

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thanks... i save $10.... ;)


Thanks Sleeace and Silverbonem.. Youtube is great for learning...

Carolyn Bohlig

Thank you!!


Thanks... i just got my GS450h.. great info.. i was able to get the battery out but it was a heartattack to put them back together because i was worry about breaking the plastic...


Holy cow! My local Lexus dealer wants $92!!!!!!!!!! to replace the batteries in my two remotes. AND they want to do it every 15000 miles! They said that's part of their recommended 15000 mile service when I just called to schedule it. When I said, "I can change batteries", and they gave me the new cost without them changing the batteries, I was flabbergasted by the difference!

Mohammed Al Hamadi

Thank you


Bra, clh and Xx.. You are welcome.. Lets keep the money in our pockets so we can save to buy our next Lexus.. I'm waiting for something between the CT and RX ;)

Nancy Thorgaard

Thanks! I didn't want to somehow wreck the key fob, so I looked it up and found your video which was quite helpful.

Chuckie AMG

thanks a lot :D i was a bit hesitant to split the remote

Hank Stites

Well Done!!

Khaled abdullah

Thank you very much I have benefited from the ease of explanation and simplicity magnificent accept my admiration for your efforts Khaled from Kuwait


Zhaled, Big, Shane, Life. No problem :).

T Carter

thanks. very helpful

Neel Patel

have to be an idiot to go to a dealer they charge you unnecesserly

Game Hoard Game

Thanks man. Both lexus keys are dying. Thought id have to go to dealer. Eff that.


Great vid. Very helpful!



johnny paris



Perfect -- thank you

rebecca freer

Thanks for showing me how!!!

E Hicks



thank you. went to advance auto and they couldn't help.


I have just found your help videos. Thanks very much for them all. You have 97 subscriber now with me.


Thank you very much....I did it and will surprise my husband when he's back....


Nice surprise. Maybe he will bring you chocolate! :)


Thanks for no. 97! :)


You are welcome.. Strange an auto place couldn't help much! :o

Marsha brown

Where do I get the battery

Jennifer Arzonetti

Easy to follow, accurate instructions, saved me a trip to the dealer. Thank you!


I normally buy this type of thing from Ebay, and have it shipped to my home, but you could call your local auto parts stores to see if they have it in stock. For the CT200h is the CR1632 battery. Other models, check your owners manual. :)


Thank you too. :)


Thank you!

Krissy Young

Thanks so much! I actually bought my CR1632 battery from my local REI store (could even check inventory online) for $2.95 + tax.

Marsha brown

Thanks. Saved me a few dollars. 

Marsha brown

Thanks. Saved me a few dollars. 

David Judah

Cool !!

V BoyMonte

Thanks. I was confused when I first opened the key just reading the manual. It doesn't say to turn over the green key board. Very helpful.

Richard Cutler

Thanks- seems pretty easy, even for someone as non-mechanical as I am.