2014 Lexus GS 450h Enform Infotainment Review

  • Опубликовано 9 Сентября 2016

    Автор: Alex on Autos

    Join me as I dive deep into the Lexus Enform system in the 2014 Lexus GS 450h hybrid. The full review on the Hybrid will be up tomorrow.
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I'm surprised you favor touch screens. Yes, they "seem" simple and direct. In practice, they fail. When you're sitting still and using them in a demo for your videos, they are great. On the road, as the car is bumping around, they are HORRIBLE. I've rented many Ford cars with MyFordTouch. The software has always been "okay", but having to reach across the dash and touch a 1 sq. in. "button area" while driving is extremely difficult,error-prone and distracting. I have an 07 Acura MDX and I much prefer a simple fat scroll wheel (with audible feedback). The Acura software is inferior to MyFordTouch, but the wheel is by far the easiest, least distracting, most direct and accurate input method.


It so complicated to BMW iDrive. Hard to use when we drive the car.