Lexus IS 200 Sport - first drift practice

  • Опубликовано 9 Сентября 2016

    Автор: twinsiak

    This is my first try at drifting and it's my first RWD car. I know it was just going around few tires but it's not as easy as you'd think :)
    Car is totally standard and lucks of power as you can see

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Anna Kustosik

ale lipa jak to jest drift to ja jestem święta....


@aneczkasti19 wiem twoja stara lepiej driftuje

Anna Kustosik

nio raczej...:)


@ondrejsimek thanks!

Steve D

was that 1st gear or 2nd


Is This a is200??, or 300. I gots a 200 but i like it a little too much to be hurting it like this


@johnnyhg it's an is200 and i know what you mean and i don't abuse it too often... but sure if i'll hurt it i'll have to fix it :)


@Ninjanewo it's got lowered suspension and k&n panel filter... so not really ;)


@Ninjanewo if it's going to be a drift only car then no, but if it's an everyday car + drift on weekends then yes, it's not too powerful but still good for learning how to maintain drift and control oversteer. very good for beginners. generally do not recommend drifting if you need a car everyday... work for example :)


@twinsiak nuttscorner?


@Mr330d yep

fred man

thats bloody good going for 150hp and 1st go at drifting mate


thats pretty good for your first time


@tou52 thanks :)


@ilovemytubby cheers :)

Kenji Arimatu


Ryan Eccles

can anyone tell me .....is200 sport LSD ? is base model LSD ??


@RyanEccles2010 only sport comes out with LSD from the factory. Although you can get diffs quite cheap and fit them to any model.


They WERE some good tyres


it's a really good choice :)

NMD Ninja

I got mine last week for my first car, i got the SE, really good to drive, dont think i'll be doing any drifting in it yet though, I'll stick to doing that on the xbox for now haha.


i had an is200 a few years back when i was 19, really nice car the only reason i sold it was because it wasnt fast enough, really good drifting for your first time tho mate :-)

Jake S

I would love this car even more if it came in AWD.

Taylor Fry

nice one mate! ground looks really grippy!


nice man nice. i tried for the first time and went around this huuuuge roundbout near wheels were spinning but idk i gotta try it more haha


it would be really safe but then you won't be able to do all this sideways stuff ;)


i was the same at first always afraid to end up on the curb or something... best to practice off road first ;)


Yea i never comitted and always caught traction real early..kept thinking my cars just gonna spin out or slide away or something hahaha but when was out the other night hitting some corners it gave me more faith in my car coz u actually do have a good controll over it

Jake S

It wouldn't be for the safety, i'd want it for the grip around the turns.


This is actually fucking good, especially for your first time!


thanks! that was last year, i got better since then ;)


i got one question, is that car automatic or manual transmision?


manual of course!


Weld the diff... you will have a blast. But indeed, not easy drifting on dry surface with 150hp and stock diff.

Algimantas Korsakas



stock at that time. it's a daily driver


last one was pretty good bro ! Keep it up !


I use this car everyday so I can't weld it. It would be bringing to much attention going sideways on every roundabout ;)


How mpg have this car when is drive normaly?


i get 25mpg average, all depends on driver/type of roads/distances covered etc


They are amazingly reliable but I find the fuel eco abit rubbish but I just fitted lpg converter thing and its the equavilent off payin 55 ish mpg in petrol if u know wat I mean

John Bollinger

Respect man! I thought you would need the inline 4 engine but just it goes to show :)

Sal Geestar

weld her up and you won't know yourself. I've just bought my second is200 and i love it. when i was drifting round about in my first is200 i had the exact same problem wit the under steer and mounted plenty of round abouts. the lad that bought my first is200 put coil overs on the back and cut the front springs and welded up the diff. check out my vids. savage pilot for an under powered car. can't wait to weld up the diff out of an automatic and put it in cos it results in a tighter diff :-)

Mirel Sihleanu

not bad...(Y)


thanks :) if it had more bhp it'd be my favourite car ever ;)

Carlos Araniva

what can i say, i love all those fun to drive cars from toyota

pE Rxj

change diff n more speed dats how i did it good luck i drive mitsubishi lancer evo 9 man it drifts like hell !!!!




this is stock, it's on TTE springs which are standard for sport version

John Kembel

he destroyed that lovely lexus


destroyed? this video was taken 2 year ago and car is in better condition now then it was at that stage!


what year?


LSD, I presume?


Yes it's a torsen LSD, comes standard with Sport version

John Kembel

sounded a bit painfull


Bitch please, is200 are gonna become drift sluts in the next 3-4 years.

Leonard Nedosekov

Is it fine to tune 1g-fe motor? (is200) How reliable it is, and how much power stock internals can hold? And what engines i can put inside it if this will break? only from is 300?


the 1g-fe isn't worth tuning really. The most common engine conversion is to the 1jz


you'd be amazed at how well these cars grip in the corners, they only drift when you want them to. I have a welded diff on mine and i can still go flat out through most corners without a problem

Good Times

lexus is200

Breig pk

not a bad first attempt though 

ricardo cornejo

This lexus doesn't have the lsd

Roman 187

GTA Karin sultan :D


Бедняга Beams....


This is stock Is 200? 

David Teo

needs moar suspension.


What kind of diff does a stock IS 200 have? Cause I would say it drifts better than the BMW E46's with open diffs.

Paraic Nyhan

What gear were you in?

Aaron Benedetti

So is my stock IS200 sport drift ready?

Dawid Mazuchowski

like the part between 1:12 -1:30 the most but good video anyway ;)


I think some stiffer suspension, and drift tires you would be able to do that no problem.

Christopher Johnson

I love my car. I've had 3 IS300s, best car ever. STill looks stylish and contemporary today.


I'm currently looking around to see what would be a good drift car and this seems to be it ... the 160hp inline 6 is enough to be honest and with a bit of weight reduction and a welded diff which are basically free this could be a good car to learn on

Erlas Blembacki

What place is this?

hassan dx

+aboody brownخلفي لو امامي يالتيس


not bad