Lexus IS 250 Sedan Remote Key Fob Review - Flow Lexus of Greensboro

  • Опубликовано 9 Сентября 2016

    Автор: HowToCarGuy

    Do you still use a key to start your car? Are you lugging around a key chain that you have to pull from your pocketbook in order start your car? If you have questions about how the Lexus smart access key less operation can help you then watch this clip!

    This clip will teach you how to use the smart access key less operation on the Lexus IS 250.

    Still have questions? PLEASE let me know so I can help you! It is my goal that you would understand your vehicle after watching my videos!
    I am a sales professional with more than a decade of experience at Flow Lexus of Greensboro in Greensboro, North Carolina.

    Shoot me an email to let me know how I can help -

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Artem V

Hello I Have a 2011 is250 RWD and for some reason the part where you took all the windows down doesn't work, would you by any chance know How I can fix it or program it. Thank you!! 

Artem V

Thank you soo much! 

Artem V

Does it have to be Lexus dealer and is it free of charge? 

Daniel Bailey


Gizmo b

Hi love ur videos!! Just wanted to say I hv a Lexus 2011, most of the time wen I open the door with the smart key only my door open, sometimes all 4 opens, wat am I doing wrong??, does it have to be pointed to a certain point? Plus how do I set the alarm? As I hv seen people leaning on my car, the alam hasn't gone off, please tell me how to... many thanks!!

eliza b

Hi, I need some serious help! I cannot unlock my 08' IS Lexus with remotes, what can possibly be wrong? I've changed the batteries and nothing!

Alfredo Puyol

Man you know how to explain this stuff in a simple way... Do you know how to get a replacement FOB key for an IS250 2007?

Menti Alboz

love this car . I have it for a year

Jonathan Davidson

sometimes the light flashes on remote when I press it and sometimes it doesn't but the car still responds is this normal


I love the hell out of this. I still sometimes catch myself trying to grab the phantom "keys" dangling below the ignition that are not there! LOLOLOL

Maria Fulgencio

my car won't turn on on and it's had the steering wheel system warning ligth. what can I do