Remote Start your 2014 Lexus IS250 with a Compustar RF2WT10SS

  • Опубликовано 9 Сентября 2016

    Автор: Lockdown Security

    Add a remote start to your 2014 Lexus IS250. We just added the Compustar RF2WT10SS remote starter to this 2014 Lexus IS250.

    Check out the system here:

    The ability to add a remote starter to this particular vehicle has just recently come out, and we can say it works amazing!

    You can even control it via the OEM keyfob if want to!

    Call us today to add a remote starter to your Lexus at 1-866-824-4118

    This video was filmed with a WASPCam Gideon 9902 action camera. Check it out here:

    #Compustar, #WASPCAM, #GIDEON, #Proveit

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Paul Maldonado

Does compustar still make that remote? That remote is badass...I have that start it kit and I want that remote !!!!!

Paul Maldonado

Cool!!! Thanks man!!!

Jamie Bertram

still no secure takeover for this system?

Fredrik Johansson

So it's totally unless function to have basically if you have to start the car again when you get inside, wooooaaawww,, what a total fucking hassle. 


gorgeous car

D Aviation

Hi there Im looking to get a remote starter for my 2014 Honda Accord Touring V6 Automatic push button start, I am really interested in Compustar RFP2WT11SS with FT7200SCONT Remote Starter....and my question is that, does it come with the takeover? I was really disappointed to see cars with push start button shuts off as soon as you open the door...I mean why put more cycles on the engine that you have to, right? And if I want a security do I have to install both modules, "Start it" and "Alarm it"? And what does "Max it" module do? Thanks.

Mendy Eff

Hi I'm located in NY. But would want to know if you can sell me the part and get someone install on my 15 Is350 Fsport? I want to do just remote start by pressing lock three times or whatever. No add ons just with my remote. Btw I think the ford that come with factory remote start don't shut of the engine after u open the door.