2004 Lexus LS430 Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour

  • Опубликовано 9 Сентября 2016

    Автор: Saabkyle04

    In this video I give a full in depth tour of the 2004 Lexus LS430. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this car while showing details, over viewing of features, and noting unique styling cues to the vehicle itself. I also show the engine and the details of it, start it up and see how it sounds under acceleration. A thorough tour/review of this car designed to give others a greater overall appreciation of the vehicle.

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jeff sandoval

but he did not even show the voice commands or the power trunk


I'm thinking of getting one of these... This might have just sold me on it.

joe cabrera

This is the very best bang for your buck kept secret car. They are amazing cars, and whats crazy is that not many people know about it.


As the proud owner of a 92 SC400, I have to agree. The older ones certainly lack the overall refinement of the new ones (the tilt steering motor alone) but have a classic-ness to them.

Na Yang

From a BMW and Benz ,ls430 is the best. It's not luxury if you could feel the road ,but the ls Damn its something else


only thing lexus never had on benz and bmw was performance. This car may be old but even in 04 Benz and Bmw flagships cars were packing way more hp. Nowadays its night and day difference. That is Lexus only downfall, on the luxury side they can compete all the way

Kenji Almonté

Hey Kyle.. Think you can tell me whether that LS430 hast that feature where you can speak your climate temp? Just curious.. :] I'm planning on buying that exact model, in black.


I LOVE this body style. Something about it. These can be had for pretty cheaply as well.


Daniel the question is, is there anyone who doesn't love this body style. The newer the better all around. But as you mentioned, for the price they can be found for these days, its one heck of a car. I will be buying one no older than 2004 (updated front/rear end). I prefer Lexus reliability over comparable vehicles. This car is the Luxury Beast. I would love to get one with the full luxury package with Rear Refrigerator.

Ignacy Kundzicz

280 HP do just fine 6.3 sec to 60 m/h. BMW 7 series 4.8 367 HP 6.0 to 60m/h reason 110k difference BMW are heavier also this isn't sports cars just made for smooth ride and not racing. Merc and BMW have better handling but not as smooth as that Lexus

Robert Long

what about reliability? how many lexus do u see dating back to the early 90's on the street running like brand spanking new compared to mercs and bwms? cuz i see a lot of 400 ls and 430 ls still on the streets. bmw and merc? not so much. repairs are insanely expensive.

Monsieur Africain

Most powerful headlights in the industry


is that saddle leather factory or after market? ive never seen one with saddle leather option, must be a very rare and uncommon order for U.S. cars


Singapore's first Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, apparently likes Lexus over Mercs

Blake Brown

Indeed, and i can back you up on that claim by saying that my own 430 runs like it just came off the assembly line.

Anderson A.

im 21 and i might buy this just to finish college on a chill note

Djonkie Bonk

Doesn't have the rich history or ultra sophisticated ride/handling combo of a Benz, BMW or Audi but these Lexuses will run for a very long time with little issues. Lexus has proven you can manufacture a reliable luxury car.


amazing interior

Salem Ba Sendo

Best car ever made.

محمد علي القرني



Lexus and Infiniti will nail that ride/handling combo soon. They get closer every generation. Thank god the Japanese started making luxury cars- otherwise we'd have no choice but the unreliable and/or prohibitively expensive European and American makes (newer ones are better though).


Even some hardcore Mercedes guys will agree, simply because of the unreal reliability. :)


If you're not saddled with some of that 1 trillion bucks in student debt, go for it!

Nick Fillion

most of the 2004-2006 LS430's WILL have a smartkey system. this one is actually kinda rare for still having a key


A boss car

Master Yoda

What a magnificent car!, think of a Lexus LS 430 as a Japanese Mercedes, only reliable.

Justin Prater

This car is nicer than my moms 2011 Lexus RX350... 

Gixxeff 750

Ugly and has some really shit details,,, shame cause they are much better made and more reliable than German cars...

Garrett Ikemoto

These are nice

Alexandr Alexandrovich

i love this car!

Sabrina Ritter

How much does this car go for in 2014-2015 ?

Earl Matthew Avila

This car known overseas as Toyota Celsior

Wayne Buffin

love these model

Benz Boii

It looks the best in that color with those chrome rims!! This is my second favorite Lexus next to the SC430..

Chilah Woods

Da 2002-2006 Infiniti q45 has more features then da lexus 430 i owned a Q45 BETTER car to me bout 2 get a 04-05 very soon Q has voice commands plus has a bigger growl BETTER room cheaper too push mine 200000 miles sold it but its still going strong Infiniti go hard Infiniti aka Fin Dog get u one if u can CVLN 

ankhaa battulga

Lexus LS430 = Toyota Crown Royal Saloon


2004 Lexus LS430 or 2004 Mercedes S430/S500 class??

That One Ford Guy

WOW That is GORGEOUS for a 2004! That Wood trim is off the charts!! So clean!!


I just bought this exact car for $17,000. It is a dream to drive.

Angel Melenciano

Yo you have to step up on your game automoho and those others guys are doing better cars that you. 


i love your videos, wonderful



yaser 234

i have lexus ls430 2002 and my friends have old german cars bmw or marceds every time they talk about some thing brouk or have trouble in the eingine car there parts is expansive i love my car 

DiŜcø Infệrno

can you give me that lexus for free please :)


Impressive car but sadly wasnt of much help 'for that poor lady ☹'...


One of the most reliable cars ever made.

Kadeen Hunter

This car was ahead of it's time.

Earl Matthew Avila

This car does have 6-Speed Automatic Transmission with Manual Shift Ability.


Just wondering what state was this vehicle sold in? Very rare vehicles, white with saddle interior looking for one any info contact me.


Love that interior!

supa hot fire

I want this to be my first car


I would rather have one of these instead of a "nice" new small car.

ehsan ahmed

This is my favorite car of all time. It drinks lots of gas but totally worth it. The drive is incredible and its so smooth. This car is goin to last you 400000k milliage. I have 5of these cars in my garage. I just love it 


He,guys ! Does RX300 1999 come with garage home link?


Saddle interior... White exterior... None better.


Can't believe I own one of these!!!!!


The woods grain done by Yamaha is insane

Kevin Mays

My dad happens to own one and it's really good. This car was ahead of it's time, in terms of technology. To today standards, this is still a really good luxury car.

Senior Lopez

That's why I love Lexus! So underrated compared to the Germans

Rafael Garcia

LOL It has the same gps system as an 08 avalon.

Tony Lilley

I have a ls400, the 430 is beautiful, not many around here, would love one...


this is a rare gem with that interior color combo, I keep coming back to watch the video just for the saddle seats

I Don't Like That Shit

Did you know that holding the key in the door lock in theposition all windows and sun roof opens before you get in the car. Perfect for hot Summer days.

Austin Taylor

If anyone ever sees a clean one of these with a verified service history, snatch that shit up QUICK! Bought my 04 in 2012...now in 2016 still going strong! You won't find a more solid car out there.


toyota celsior ;)


That is the Ultra Luxury.

Young Cheff

Man. I have that car still. Love every bit of it


You have dainty hands and bird legs. Cute sneakers too homo.

super 山本

just a dream.

Ranch Dressing

Is this the 1uz?


I came so close to buying one of these, ended up getting an 08 GS460, but I do have a soft spot for these 430s, such a timeless car


2004,05,06 are great. The quietest car on the road. Smooth, very powerful, and the door seals you can see well how they made the car quiet. My gripes? Too hard of seats and all the car companies are doing this--its crazy as its a luxury car. Also no engine compartment light and that bugs me! No excuse. NOW on reliability, quietness, smooth and comfortable ride and build quality--this car is one of the very best--if not the best! Even beats the Big Benz on reliability and darn close on ride too. I hate saying that as I love German cars but its true. Americans have too many union problems and government crap going on and too many minorities who don't know how to work together. Japanese are one culture and they work together and do very well. We need that again! Like the 60s and 70s cars made in America and no more outsourcing! Factories here for American jobs. Thank you Obama and Bush and Clinton and Bush. Rotten to the core--especially Obama. So can we have Trump now please?

Joe Black

ever notice how only people with old cars are the ones that have gaudy brand key chains....

Joe Black

that thing needs a major detail..


Love how all the background noise disappears when he closes the door after getting in

Brando T

I have a '97 LS400, and man, I don't think I could ever go back to driving a "small" car. That thing cruises like no others.


this car rides like a dream! even ride better (more comfortable/softer) than the lexus LS 460 (even the one with air suspension and long wheelbase version)


i miss these videos where you just show the car, and not talking a mile a minute like your current videos

Ivan Burge

I think, I want one


which model has the saddle leather interior?


2004 audi a8 interior was like an airplane cockpit


Toyota crown with a little bit difference exterior

Frederick Smith

Has anyone have any issues with their Lexus? I was debating on a Infiniti M35.

Mansoor Jameel

how much this one for selling ask me Answer me

Mansoor Jameel

how much this car selling please contact just do it

Andrew Villanueva

my ls 430 has 256000 miles on it. regular maintenance done!!! these cars are bulletproof


From 2004 still looks much better than Toyota most cars lol .

Real Dream

guys we are poor people cause old cars like this one it is sad...becouse its cheap and everyone knows about it


Wow nice i love lexus LS the best

Al Denino

Shout out to Jason Aldean

Max Curry

This is not the ultra luxury package. The ultra has rear controlled A/C, massaging rear seats, cooled rear seats, and power sliding rear seats.

Max Curry

It also has a rear drink cooler.

‫السعودي سفير الشمال‬‎



Rear Vanity Mirrors? Shut up and take my money!

shawn moore


Alexander Milentis

wow, nice car


if this car had the feature executive option with the rear seats recline, it will rival Bentley.

Christopher Battle

The only way you can be found at