How to Remove Radio / Navigation / CD Changer from Lexus LS460 2008 for Repair.

  • Опубликовано 9 Сентября 2016

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    We repair all major radios and navigation systems! You can even ship us your broken radio / navigation unit if you're not local! That's right, we welcome worldwide customers.

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    Removal and Installation of Radio / CD Changer / Navigation from 2008 Lexus LS460 2008 for Repair.

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Husain Abdulaal

you know you can go on menu then click on map dvd then click on eject then open the pt in the passenger seat and put hat or another one in

Husain Abdulaal

and is the sport comf button an option


hi I got a problem that the watch not working.. I checked the wiring found no problem.. what is the expected cause?


Great video..thanks!!


Awesome DIY, sir. Very quick and simple. 

aymen ali

keep going bro


Your videos are extremely helpful. Thanks. And keep them coming

Henry Phan

I have a 2009 LS460 and not too happy with the sound system. I want to upgrade it to something better like Mark Levinson. Any suggestion? Please advice.

chris murray

this video was very helpful, thank you