Automotive Collision Front End Damage Estimate Exercise | Repair University

  • Опубликовано 31 Августа 2016

    Автор: Collision Hub

    In today's autobody center the most common estimated damage is a front end collision. If you want to be an estimator, an insurance adjuster or an Independent your going to need to master the front impact.

    It this episode, Larry Montanez P&L Consultants takes our CEO and former insurance DRP estimating trainer through a hands on exercise with a 2013 Mercedes after a low speed front end impact. We use the OEM repair guidelines and AudaExplore repair guide to estimating for specific requirements of repair.

    Repair University is a free online education and training series for the collision repair industry brought to you by Collision Hub

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Collision Hub

Larry Montanez, P&L Consultants takes former Insurance trainer and DRP manager Kristen Felder through an estimating exercise on front end damage.


great video


Great video Larry! Thanks!


Thanks for watching and glad you found value in our video. 

Eric Meyer

I noticed this is part 2. Where can I find part 1 ? Can you tell us what was damaged on this Benz ? Great Video !


well , I have met Billy,via linked in, I am doing the same in the Uk,and much much more, my website will be up very soon

Gemein Hardt

srsly? this much work just to estimate? i swear most shops just look at the damage, and see which damaged parts needs to be replaced or can be reused.


lets talk about fraud iinsurance companies own every estimating company lets see 3 hrs to change ft bumper add .3 for fogs 3.2 to paint bumper add 1.1 hr to clear all labor based on 50 an hr wow big profit there .all parts that shops buy are marked up 25% over cost do the math and you will see real quick autobody trade is waste criminal mafia insurance companies leave no profit to even hire people .insurance appraisers guy looks at your car is a moron and is instructed to miss parts by his boss hoping shop just puts cars together and don't feel like calling insurance company to fight over every labor time and paint.all appraisers are instructed to get shop to bondo bumper if they don't agree then write junkyard if they cant find then china imitation part if that's not available then they have to call there freemason supervisor that's away from his desk pounding down some brews at the masonic lodge laughing with his buddies how dumb policy holders are and shops not even realizing how they get bullshitted everyday and don't know

David Henriquez

he looks like john gottis son

Jeremy Vawter

Did not see anything selected on estimating system. Herd the typical get it in the shop and let the tech write the estimate