Replacing rotten Defender seat box ends - Land Rover Defender bodywork repairs

  • Опубликовано 9 Сентября 2016

    Автор: Land Rover Toolbox Videos

    Using YRM fabricated parts to repair our seat box we have found the excellence from YRM Metal Solutions is going to make our repairs worth while.

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Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

Loving this series! Thanks!

Luke Arnold

Glad to see i got this right even while it was snowing, Blasted B posts failed the MOT in the January just 4 months before i had planned to do the work, (after removing them i did come to respect there decision as a disk cutter was not really needed to get them out in 3 parts!!!). YRM do great stuff, didn't realize that funny round dent was for a seat belt bolt though. Great video Chris as always.


Good man Chris! onwards and upwards...!

Paul B

have you got massive pecs now Chris?

Land Rover Toolbox Videos

@ Paul B Belly is bigger.!!!

Matt Allen

Nice mate ... so you're happy with the quality on the YRM gear then? I'm about to put together a sizeable order for my '85 110 CSW ...


Anyone else notice they got the "harmful" and "highly flammable" symbols and descriptions mixed up?