Lexus Remote & Immobilizer Key Programming

  • Опубликовано 9 Сентября 2016

    Автор: speedkar99

    Here's how to program a Lexus wireless remote transmitter and chipped engine immobilizer key without using Techstream software.

    Key duplication at a dealership can get expensive, as they charge exorbitant amounts to program a new key. It only takes a few mins to program and you can do it yourself at home.

    The aftermarket key was purchased from eBay, for about $30. It was then cut at the local Lexus dealership for $20.

    There are two stages in programming the key: the first to program it to start the car, and the second to program the wireless remote to unlock the doors and trunk.

    Programming the car involves inserting the key into the ignition and depressing the pedals, then inserting the new key to be programmed. Insure the key matches the FFC ID of the original key before purchasing a replacement.

    The remote programming involves inserting the key in the ignition, opening the driver's door as well as cycling the door locks. If your door lock actuators are worn out, the locks can be manually cycled.

    The vehicle demonstrated is a 2000 Lexus GS300. Procedure should be the same for all 1998-2005 Lexus GS300 GS400 and GS430.

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oh wow i really love that steering wheel moving wish my Toyota did that. good job. :)


You replace the solara with the gs? I need a gs in my life lol. GTE swap and manual swap haha

Naif N

Before i Finish watching the video i give you like great work.


The local Lexus dealer told friends that they were the only ones who could program a new key and wanted a lot of $$$ to do it. I told my friends that the dealer was lying. After all, they are car dealers, so they lie. That's what car dealers do! Told friends that the car actually does the programming and that they could buy a new transponder key on Ebay and, with the VIN # (or key code) the vendor can even cut it. They very happy and now don't use the dealer for "service" any more.


Would this method work for Toyota. I have a 05 Camry and got keys off eBay but I can't seem to program them. Have tried many methods. Any ideas.

Rob H

Great video. Will this procedure work on a 2001 lexus es300? I have the same transponder key. Thanks


where you all been when i had all these gs woes?

Ali Alshalati

I have a gs300 2004 and I did the same things but it doesn't work ! what should I do


The clicks on the new remote sounds kinda cheapy

Srini Vas

great instructions. will these work for RX300 2000 year suv ?

Farrukh Titronic

Is it work for Lexus ES 330


FYI: did not work on 2002 ES300.

Panda Expresso

Would this work for a 98 sc300?

Visham Chinkan

SPEEDKAR99, When did you get a GS? Welcome to the club. I have a question for you, I have a 98 GS400 and the battery died a few weeks ago. The key broke while the mechanic was trying to diagnose my car. Now my car wont start.The person who had the car before glued the fob up and I cant get to the guts of my fob. What are your suggestions?

Nestor Macias

speedkar99 great video! I was wondering if these steps would work for a 2004 lexus is300?


After some Googling, I've seen instructions on clearing the ECU of other keys, but is there a way of clearing the ECU of programmed remotes?

Justin Mazur

What are the chances those aftermarket keys all use the same chip id (instead of every chip being random)? This could mean that you can buy 2 keys from ebay only only need to program one of them since both keys identify themselves as the same key. This also means I can buy a key from ebay and if a car has that generic key programmed I can disable the immobilizer too.

daniel ramos

what do you suggest I do if i have the master key but the guts are no where to be found

Greg Sparks

Would this technique work on a 2001 Lexus LS 430?

alexander vasquez

anyone know is this will work for a 2002 lexus is300?

koye lay


Christian Baik

Hello How can I do ES 330 Key Programming


Is the programming procedure the same for a 2009 Lexus RX 350, both for the security chip and for the remote functions?


what key on amazon should i buy to do this to my 98 lexus es 300

Marcie Yenchenko

My son locked his key in his rx300 and we had to get a locksmith and now it won't start. I called dealership and they said I had to have it towed there to have it reprogrammed. Is there a fix for that that you would suggest without going to the dealership.

D Lee

I saw a Bentley style flip key mod for the Lexus keys on a Lexus GS page and they linked your vids if customers needed reprogramming. It looks like a cool little upgrade/update. You should purchase one and do a vid on it. If you approved, I'd probably pick one up. They say you lose the ability to open the windows when you hold down the unlock button on the key and I think reprogram something to retain the trunk release function. I bet you could address those issues. Great channel btw. Obviously a very smart dude. Subscribed.

Alex Skelhorne

will this work if i lost my master key

Sombody You Dont Know

would this work for my lexus rx350 2007?

sultan sulaiman

nice job. i wanted to ask will this same technique works for lexus RX330(2004) as i lost the remote.

fleaflop ...

what dealership do you use? my dealership wants 65 to cut a key.... just to cut

fleaflop ...

thanks, i can send a key to canada and get it cut for less than i can get one cut here in the usa. you wouldnt happen to know if they do that?

fleaflop ...

thanks for the videos,... helped a bunch!!!

KHRIS300 _

when programming the remote, do all doors need to be locked or just closed?

Andrew Noel

Hi this worked for the program to start the car. It did not work for the button program to lock/unlock the car, what should I do ?

primo leone

hi thanks for the vid. I haven't lost my keys but my car wont start periodically and I have to keep the key in the on position for 6 min before I can start the car to reset the immobilizer . how can I fix this so I won't have to keep delaying my life to start my car?


would both procedures work on a 99 lexus es300

Marko Hrupački

would this work on a lexus is200 '03 for europian market?

Tim Lau

Hi I have a 2001 lexus is300, for the key programming process, the security start blinking after I removed the original master key, and then the later steps do not work, do you know what it means if it starts blinking after removing the master?

Kevin Nguyen

If i have a key that still starts the car but the battery died in it so i can't unlock my car from the remote can a new remote without the master key be used to lock and unlock the car?

Adam G

I have 2001 GS300 1st part of video...programming the chip to start the car...does not work for me. I do the steps..everything looks right.. but during the last step...the security light never stops flashing with my new key in the ignition...ideas?

fleaflop ...

does the imob. chip have to be programmed before the remote can be programmed? I have tried 4 keys from different vendors (all listed to work with my veh.) and none will program... any ideas?

Adil Kenzheshov

great!!!will this procedure work on es300 2003?

John Hewitt

Great video my friend, do you know if I can use the same procedure to program a key for a 2005 RX300? I don't want to just go ahead and try it in case I mess something up if it's not the same procedure.

David Ramos

What should u do if the key work

David Ramos

So basically my key worked before I installed using this video and I tried putting a radio on my car and now the key won't work I tried programming it again but it will lot work

Syed Bilawal Xhah

would this work on a corolla 2014 ?

Gam Bini

This is a great video. I have a 2001 IS300 which I bought used and came with only a valet key. I ended up using a locksmith to use the new master key I bought from Ebay just like the one in this video. It was a success and the car starts.. But for months I've tried to program my remote to be able to have keyless entry and I can't get it to work. I don't know if it's my timing or what. When I use the unlock/lock switch it starts to slow down and die during the second set of cycling and eventually stop. As it's slowing down all the lock stop moving but you can still hear the weak sound of the switch. Do you have any suggestions? Please please please help. As I want this function to work. Please and thank you in advance.

Gam Bini

It worked! So excited. Thanks for the reply.

Tian Lai Li

Thank you uploader! The first part worked for my 2002 Lexus Rx 300. I have not tried the second part yet.

Brian Casimiro

Thanks man!

Kevin Nguyen

How's that eBay key holding up? I'll have to get all my actuators replaced before doing this. I'm currently manually locking the doors and using my viper to arm the alarm. Do you know if the process is any different if you have an aftermarket alarm?

Erick Delsite

I have a 99 GS300 and followed the directions exactly and it didn't work. Tried if several times just to be sure. Do you know if there's a difference procedure for an older Lexus?

Alexander Rivas

Yeeeesssss !!!! - This works great !!! - Thanks Speedkar99


Does this work for the GX 470?