2016 Lexus GS F & GS 350 Full Review /Start Up /Exhaust /Short Drive

  • Опубликовано 9 Сентября 2016

    Автор: AutoMoHo

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    2016 Lexus GS F in Atomic Silver with Black leather & Alcantara Interior. for 2016, the Lexus GS comes in 4 different trims level which is the Lexus GS200t, GS350 & (GS 350 F Sport), GS450 Hybrid and last the high performance version which is the Lexus GS F. In this Video, we going to focus mainly on the GS F , we will do a a Start up to the engine, Listen to the Exhaust sound, take an In Depth review of the interior and exterior and take it out for a short test drive. Hope you guy enjoy the 2016 Lexus GS F Video.

    2016 Lexus GS F Base Listed @ $84,400
    The one Feature on this Video with Options Listed @ $87,390

    New videos coming every week.
    ==Want to see a car you like?? Comments in the comments section and ill try my best to film it ==

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AbuClaib -l

thanks for sharing. facelift or new generation ?

‫احمد الحمادي‬‎

Nice car

edgar money


‫سلطان الشيخي‬‎

The only thing I liked in this car is the lights keep going for the best

Just Ave0n ~ Recruiter

not worth the price, looks like a corolla also the interior looks so outdated, piece of junk

A Az

the interior is so ugly

AbuClaib -l

i prefer new E-Class 2016-2017


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Lexus Cohen

Gorgeous car!

Victor Og

learn how to say LED, it sounds like you are say "LD" You did a good job otherwise.


not harman kardon -> mark levinson

Lexus Cohen

It's Mark Levinson speaker bud.


do the DRL flicker like that when the hazards are on stock? or is that an aftermarket thing? or is that just the camera? cause thats kinda weird

Andre H.K

4k please..!

Giant Kannen

I literally only watch these videos to listen to him fuck up his grammar literally every sentence.


والله اللون خطططير ع السيارة

Jim Gord

The BEST and only important thing about the new Lexus line: The new Lexus line instantly identifies all people who do not care about the biosphere and the loss of 50% of earth's species and instead selfishly drive around in their fossil-fueled land-barges instead of purchasing a plug in or all-electric

‫حمد المحيميد‬‎

الله يرزقني

Lee Hoon

people who buy these cars must hate Germany to death..

cerineu ginga

I've been watching ur cars reviews!!!! U've been doing a good work buddy... keep it up. Thumbs up.


Loving the taillights

Stephen Nguyen

Great music intro bro.

Jia L.

People who are looking to buy the new GS 350 F-Sport, DO NOT BUY IT, get the GS F and you will drive it for quite a long time.

William Humphrey

GS 350 review??? I don't think anything was mentioned about it having a different engine than the ulta high performance GS-F. Kinda misleading for a person with 30k subs

Kev Jumbo

your Vietnamese accent turns me on !

Abdullah Aljowder

The problem in the Lexus if you buy one after couple months every one buy it and you we'll see it in the streets every were , and you can't feel yr the king of streets , fuck those hate jealous who ruined you


Wait doesn't this have Mark Levinson and not Harmon Kardon?

Bao Tran

What's the name of the song at the beginning?


Intro music is by Capo Productions can't remember what song

Emmanuel Testamar

I don't like it....I like the previous body way better

Max Martin

GS F so beautiful! Love the video!

Muhammad M Salaam

some luxury sport towards Premium use very close variations to display *how exact 0 drag to tolerance can become. In wheel to caliper brake systems I have variations or stipulations against that bec of obstacles or impediences lodging between or accidents causing damage etc

Muhammad M Salaam

exterior air stability looks within requirements


for being top of the line Lexus GS it should've at least have automatic trunk opener and closer.... very good looking car, but M3 will be in the same price range with more fun to drive factor.... sad :(


Lexus outdone themselves. this will aggressively compete with ATS V and M5 and the E63 id love to see it on track tho


This car is too expensive man, I saw this car on the Lexus website at around the mid $50K. Am I wrong or something? I mean, I'm looking at the GS model right now on their website. I'm guessing with all those features which caused the price to go up.

saul hernandez

Just when I thought this car couldn't get any sexier


I haven't seen anyone telling about remote engine start with the key fob


Am I the only one who noticed that there is no difference in exhaust sounds

herman munster

1 headlight cost 1900 bucks -crazy

Vel Boone


Joe Black

Nice car but i'd much rather have a CTS - V.


В Украине с растаможкой он выходить 132 000 $



robert jungers

Very good job, it sure helped when I got our new GSF

Руслан 1

hallo , is Interior leather or eco leather ?


how come the seats different compare to another f sport ?

Eleanor Massaro

I don't know, but this V8 doesn't sound as burly as the V8 on the previous gen IS-F

share Robin


lam hung

looks so amazing gsf totally awesome car ever

имя фамилия

lexus and toyotas run for decades,fact

Bryant C

I read they only made a handful of these, is it true?

Eddie Palma

This will be my next new car! And y'all can help me out on my goal! I'm now working at the Sales department of South Bay Lexus in Torrance. Stop by and ask for me.. let's help each other out!


Who else has like 50+ favorite cars and can't decide on just one? I wish I could buy em all haha.

Gitonga Mwaniki

You had me at natural aspiration :)