Front Brake Pads, Rotors & Caliper Replacement: Toyota / Lexus

  • Опубликовано 31 Августа 2016

    Автор: speedkar99

    DIY Video on how to replace front brake pads, rotors and upgraded calipers. Procedure is similar for many makes and models of vehicles.

    The procedure demonstrates a front brake upgrade from a 1999-2003 Toyota Solara (same as 1997-2001 Camry) V6 with ABS to calipers, pads and caliper brackets from a 1994-1996 Camry V6 with ABS (or Lexus ES300 or 1995-1997 Toyota Avalon). The calipers on the older Camry were dual piston and had a much larger pad area, supposedly helping with high speed braking.

    The caliper upgrade will clear stock 15" wheels or larger.

    Once the vehicle is jacked up and the wheel removed, two 14mm slider bolts can be removed to remove the caliper from its bracket. From there, two 17mm caliper bracket bolts can be unbolted from the steering knuckle, freeing the bracket and pads.

    Pads should be replaced when the pad thickness is roughly equal to the backing plate thickness. Apply anti-seize to any area where there is metal to metal contact, such as where the pads contact the pad clips in the caliper bracket.

    Replacing the caliper is as simple as unbolting the Banjo bolt (14mm) and bolting the brake line to the new caliper.

    Rotors should be replaced when the run-out becomes excessive (as measured by a dial indicator), warped or rusted. The surface should at least be scored, sanded or machined prior to just replacing pads.

    Overall the brake feel is still soft in the beginning of pedal travel but the braking force is much more than the single piston calipers once the brake pedal is depressed with more force.

    Make sure the pads are bedded into the rotors by gently stopping the vehicle a few times to allow the new pad to evenly coat the rotor, preventing vibration.

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Brake Pad and Caliper UpGrade: The are plenty of Camry brake and caliper change outs already on YouTube so when I saw the title I was wondering why speedkar99 would post one. Upon seeing the video I noticed this video is more so a brake and caliper up grade. I did not know before this video that I could merely just go to the generation 3 Camry twin piston design and make the switch to get a more power set of brakes. I am currently content with my brakes yet I am glad to have this information. Did you consider cross drilled and slotted rotors?


Wonder if this would fit my 99 avalon as I have 15inch wheels? For the Gen3, what years are those?

Angel Vargas

I had a question. When u remove the cam and crank gears to replace the cam and crank seals, what is keeping the engine in the correct timing. When u remove the gears doesn't the engine get out of time or does the cam holding tool achieve the correct timing of the engine??


+Angel Vargas The gears have a keyway in them so they align correctly on the shaft when you reinstall it.

E Wright

Do you have to bleed the brakes if your just changing the pads and rotors.

The Dark Knight

Can you please upload a video on how to replace the brake master cylinder? 

Michael Madsen

do u know if its really true that the supra brembo pads are compatible with a 2001 lexus gs430?@speedkar99

Michael Madsen



where did you get this 3rd gen calipers? from a scrap yard? how much did they cost?


Great video. Straight to the point, perfectly detailed, A++. You rock!

Robert Smyth

great video!! very informative, clearly demonstrated every step, and in a short amount of time. Very professional... thank you

Elle Shah

very good


Hey guys, is my brake calliper rebuild on an Nissan R33 GTST Skyline. Many mod videos, repairs and upgrades as well as motorsports, racing and drifting.


You are the man speed, thank you for all your DIY'S


The caliper slide pin with the bushing is always on top for front and rear. ??Correct??

Avo Avodian

I'm looking to upgrade my lexus ES300 what calipers and brackets options do I have? -Thank you

terrence smith

there is shimmy sound coming from break area, when hold the brakes it stops, once I release the sounds returned

William McKenzie III

Hi speedkar! Great video. I have a problem with my own setup. I own a 2009 Corolla XRS and want stronger braking. I recently replaced my front rotors and as well as ProAct pads which I was hoping would solve it but it only made it slightly better, I still want more bite/power and want to upgrade them. Do you know which Toyota calipers will bolt up to the 10th gen Corolla knuckle? The XRS model has the base Camry 2.4l and transmission which makes it heavier than a stock Corolla yet Toyota only gave it the same normal Corolla pads/caliper/rotors combination :/. I can't find much information on Toyota Nation or elsewhere. I have been told that POTENTIALLY the front brakes from the heavier Rav4 V6 or IS' will bolt up/work. My car has 17" wheels stock. Thanks! I really appreciate any help, I wish I could just bolt up the larger Camry rotors and pads with twin pistons like you did!

A delicious steak

Hi, I have a '96 Camry le, 4 cylinder. I'm looking to upgrade the brakes, and doing the front calipers seem like the best option at the moment. Do you know if the caliper+bracket and brake pads off of a 92-96 v6 Camry would essentially swap out for the caliper on the 4 cylinder? Or would I need a new rotor, and potentially wheel? I have the stock 14 inch steel wheels on. Any input would be much appreciated, thanks