Lexus LS400 - Steering Column Repair

  • Опубликовано 9 Сентября 2016

    Автор: jaredten

    I repaired a steering column on 1997 Lexus LS400. The column would not go down when I put in the key, or when I pushed down on the switch. All I would hear was a sound of a striped gear. Instead of paying Lexus the $600 for the part, I just repaired the gear myself. This is a very simple fix, and will take you only 20 - 30 minutes.

    Tools needed:

    8mm and 10mm socket and ratchet
    Phillips head screw driver
    some type of hook or hanger to pull the gear out
    standard Zip-Tie to use as a spacer...or a water hose washer.

    I hope you enjoy this video and it solves your problem with little cost and effort. If you want to thank me, please look at my photography and buy some beautiful pictures.

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Pietro Santarelli

very nice.

Robert Conner

I used cut sections of vacuum hose as a spacer and it seem to work very well. Be sure to spread around the grease to maintain proper lubrication. It has proved to be a lasting repair for possibly the life of the car! Thanks for the post. Lex Tech, RC

A Better You Fitness & Martial Arts

youre the man, thanks!

Jason Kelley

whale sh!t. Let's give it a whirl. Thanx so much very helpful.


thank you very much. for your help.....


Dude you are awesome.... thanks for a great video!!


nice! thanks for the great video!


great work


thanks for this vid,


just fixed my 94 the same way great vid bro


excelent Repair


gud shit lol mine do the same it gose down just a lil but now imma fix it. gud look my boi

Andrew Gaines

HAHAHAHAHA "I'm not a surgeon..."


Great fix. My 93 lexus ls400 was having the EXACT same problem. Thanks for this vid, saved me a bundle.


Thanks for the vid. I used a 99 cent hose bib washer as a spacer, it was the perfect width. Extend the steering column all the way before remove bottom cover. Push in back sides of panel to release the one piece clip on each side. 15 min repair.

Arthur White

Thank you so very much for posting this vid. I started having this probem 20 minutes ago, and fix it within 15 minutes via your instructional video. Saved me a trip to the dealer, not to mention hundreds of dollars.

mario v

thx 4 this video man just fixed my 95' lexso took 10mins told the wife it coast me 200bucks to fix lol now i geet me a nice dinner and COLD BEER...THX

Carl Bradley

Excellent repair dude. Mine is not stripped. It seems when my car get really not inside the tilt motor just refuses to work. Once it cools off it works like noting was wrong. Haven't found a cheap fix for it yet but i'll keep looking.


Yes - thanks McGyver. Mine seems to be related to heat also but today I heard a grinding so the time has come.

RunThat Ejewell

thanks jaredten good fix all some ideal.

Li Linh

Thank you for this posting. Miy LS400 had the same problem. Fixed!


thank you for this used true genius to fix that.I have that problem but the motor doesn't do shit any more...some idiot mechanic messed with it before purchasing the car.He also could not fix the cluster.I will do that myself tom,and with your instructions tackle the steering wheel.It was bitch getting the panel out with the steering locked inward.Hey I don't like getting my hands dirty,I fix mac's and pc's all day,This dealer transformed in to an alley mechanic.l.o.l that s.ob.


does the steering wheel need to be fully telescoped out in order to take off the bottom cover?


@wildernesswandering2 I just did this and had the exact same problem. It TOTALLY WORKED and saved me around $400.


@stroock6394 Yes you should telescope it out. I ran into issues removing the column, but once I telescoped it came off pretty easily,

Michael Fabel

Greay video. I actually used it today. I was attempting to change my speedo/tach panel but did not have clearance as my steering wheel could not be adjusted. I, instead of using a draw strap, used a washer, appx. 1/8 ich. It worked like a dream. I then proceeded to relace my speedo/tach panel as originally intended. Found it rather strange, my up/down steering wheel adjustment works now as well as the up/down- perhaps it was on a bind which was relieved after your quick fix. THANKS1111

Ravi Gandhi

Is there a separate motor and gear for the in and out function because on my ls400 the up and down works but it wont go in and out. maybe i could try this on that gear?


i will try this!

Michael Tran

Thanks for this, I have the same problem in my sc400. I fucked it up today




I was to have my 98 Lexus LS400 in the shop for the tilt not working. At 10:30PM the night before, I found this clip while looking for the cost of the part the Lexus mechanic had said would cost $400+ including labor. I asked my dad for the listed equipment (teeth cleaning hooks work great) and attacked my steering wheel. They were cracking up at their tightwad, nervy daughter. I was beating on their door at 11:00 though telling them it worked!!!! I used the zip tie. Thank you ssssssooooooo muc

Jaycee corneliuos

@ravip292 what year?

Ravi Gandhi

@YesJayCeeOneYes 2000

Ravi Gandhi

I have time this weekend so i might open it up and try to find the problem I will let you know if i fix it. oh and I have a 98-00 gen LS400


why 21 dislikes (has of now) he was thorough and completed the task! Would rather take it to the dealer!!

Haideri Panjtani

Good job! Definitely saved a few quid there (bucks)


i have a same modem n year. Where can i find Automatic choke can u find me the location please. i have mitchellondemand but i can't find it in emission section so please find me a location of the choke thanks in advance.


Great video, I just fix my 97 LS 400.... project is that air suspension... maybe, I can find a video for that too...


Hey this is one of the best videos on the tube. I have a 1993 SC400. So I found your video and it saved me a lot of money. when I opened the steering column the motor was exactly the same as the LS you demonstrated on. This was truly a money saver.Thanks for thevideo posting.

Scott Miller

Fantastic, clear, concise - even which specific tools were used - I used bent paper clips to remove the gear. Just fixed my 1998 LS400 in a half an hour including making a spacer from a garden hose washer with a plastic washer cut from a yogurt container top (less friction than the washer). And I'm no mechanic. Works great. Thank you.

Russell G

I wish mine was this easy. I have no clue whats going on with it but when its hot or if you take a minute to set it then it stops working for up and down. I'm thinking worn or dirty brushes and motor.


mine did that for about 2 weeks then it fixed itself :)

Joel Dean

Thanks for the video. I have the same problem with my 94 LS400. I will replace the gear, available on Amazon, and used a nylon washer.


You saved me $500 !!! Thank you very much i did exactly what you did in the video and it worked!! God bless


Superb video!! Fixed my 95 in about 20 min. Used the hose washer method. 95 has 2 screws on top of column cover that can be reached by turning wheel.( thank you 38ph60)

Danny McQuestion

I'm going to try this fix over the weekend on my '95 LS400. Took mine to the Lexus dealership yesterday and told them the motor is working (you can hear it) and just the gear needs to be replaced. They gave me a quote for $3,700 to replace the telescopic and tilt gear assemblies. If the gear is shot and can't be used, I saw someone on eBay selling the gear for $30. If the motor still works, that is far better than $3,700!!!

Danny McQuestion

The dark trash in housing is the remains of what looked to be a felt washer. Yes, felt. I bought a rubber grommet from Home Depot, cut it in half and slipped it right in there. Fit perfect. I put in the sprocket and it was nice and flush. Sprocket is now dead on. Half of a $1.12 rubber grommet, 20 minutes and a little spilled blood (during cutting grommet) and everything was working great! Lexus wanted $3700. I may circulate fliers for $200. :)


Will this work for my 1991 Lexus LS400? same exact thing is happening to me! I heard a strip gear sound and now my steering will only go up and not down!!!!!!!!!!! HELP! please! I cannot afford to take it in to a dealer or shop! HELP! Thanks! for your VIDEO!


Nice tip, going to try this in my Lexus.

billy craig

This video was super helpful. I had the exact same problem, fixed it w/ in 45min. Thanks for posting this video.

Michael Koester

Great Video! Just fixed wifes 1998 LS 400 with your instructions, used garden hose washer for spacer. thanks again worked like a charm.

Perry Talbert

Thank you man this was everything I have a 98 Lexus sc300 the same process worked on this car


Awesome! mate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Awesome! mate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have a 2000 LS 400 and the bottom cover that has to be removed has two additional screws that have to be removed. They are hidden behind the steering wheel, so you have to turn the wheel to the right to expose the left screw and to the left to expose the right screw. My problem was different....mine worked but groaned when you pulled the key out and the wheel raised up. A little silicone grease on the worm gear on the left side of the wheel put it back to silent movement. GREAT CAR!!!!!


excellent tip. my fix was a rubber key identifying ring. perfect fit with little blue plastic gear.


Appreciate it thanks for your help!!!!!!

Desmonde Fullwood

Good looking out man bout work on mine tomorrow

Brandon Wade

Thank you so much for this video! My father is thrilled that I have his motorized steering column working properly in his '96 LS400 again! Perfect father's day gift!


just flip the plastic gear around....ez as that.


pack a lil' more grease in there too....quiets it down.

MC Johnston

Saved a bunch a time and money. Thank you. Note: if you have an SC300, there is a 3rd screw behind the steering wheel. You have to turn the wheel a quarter turn to the left to access the 3rd screw head.

Akysha Rockwell

Thx u for this Video I have a 95 Lexus sc400 and I tried this and it work

Rudy Torres



thanks for info on the sc.. I have a 1999 that I need to fix


Where is the gear for the in and out feature? I have same year model as you.

David Pike

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You..... Just used your video to repair my 1994 LS400 (had it since new). The only difference is on the 94 one of the bottom cover screws is recessed about 4 inches. 




1996 LS - Mine was stuck in the UP position. Was getting ready to investigate. Your video was very helpful. Instead of a tie-wrap, I found the perfect sized, metal washer that fit over that key. It didn't have to be elongated, just big enough to go around. I used the existing grease on it. Everything else was just like you showed it. BTW, those gears are about $20 on e-bay. Thanks for being a trail blazer man.


I paid a mechanic $200 to diagnose the same issue on my '90 LS. Told me it needed a new motor. I followed your video and it is working now. Thanks Man!

Gabo Coughee

Thanks dude, did the trick on my 98 LS400. I actually found the replacement gears on ebay but I tried the zip tie since I had that on hand and it worked great! Yo Da Man!

Gabo Coughee

Awe shit you in Austin too???? 78745 All day!

Paul Chung

Very helpful. You saved me many bucks. Thanks buddy.



zoolander .zoolander

Legend !

ReggieBaltimore W

Thanks for the help and savings from Lexus Lover to another.

i. Am Hymn the SAME prob...thx bruh Hymn 

Axel Cubias

BASED JARED. Thanks for the video man, everything was clear and perfect. YOU'RE THE MAN!


Nice well done easy 

jennifer gonzalez

Just bought a 97 lexus es300 and the steering wheel moves side to side especially on curves and when changing lanes. Can anyone point me in the right direction? 

King Busa JZA80

You are the maaaaaan

Eric Smaldone

WORKED PERFECTLY!!!! Right down to the tie wrap!!! GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahmed Said (musicmaster)

good job the same thing at my 95



Mark Hest

there called scribes

Deals On Wheels, Las Vegas

thanks, you took all the ambiguity away from getting to the gears

Rif Meista

Thank you very much!

Jinsai Toda

thank you bro! godamn i love youtube and the internet. my mechanic couldn't fix this and ended up unplugging the motor. just did this myself, put new high temp grease and now smooth like butta.

Christopher Corbett

Thanks! I'm a poor handyman, but I just did this on my 1995 ls400 and it worked like a charm. The only difference was that on the 1995, there are two other screws to get the plastic steering column housing off; they are partially behind the wheel, so you have to turn the car on and turn the wheel to get to them. The gear is tough to get off; I used two curved dental picks and I think you can get them at a drug store. Once I got it off I found the problem was indeed that the original rubber spacer was crumbling so the gear was misaligned and not meshing with the screw. I replaced it with an O ring I got at a car parts store. Thank you for posting this video and saving me a bundle of money and time!

mason owens

I just went on Amazon and bought a new one and put both of them in together sand it works perfectly fine now


Nice work!

Digger Noises

Awesome. I have a 92 LS that had the same problem. After looking and not finding a cog to replace the "stripped" one I just figured I'd leave it as it is. It stayed broken for 2 years. 30 minutes after watching this video, my steering column adjuster is working again. You're a champ, glad I found your 7 year old video!


This helped me out tremendously. thanks :D

D Brooks

Thank you very much for the "Quick & Cheap Fix". I made gear pullers out of two small paper clips. Worked great. Thanks again!!

Heather Hatton

I fixed the gear by molding a tootsie roll on it and put it back on!! Has worked good for 2 months now.

Dan Gross

you are the man! I can't believe I just found this video. every mechanic says I need a new column. I have the same 97 Lexus. I'm so stoked you made this video.

Michael Joyner

Wow. Thank you for this Video. Mine just stopped going down.

Kai Baumgartner

I went to the garden section of Walmart and bought some rubber washers and stuck it behind the gear. Under a dollar for the baggy!


This is the second video I watched where the a-hole filming is trying to attempt the repair at the same time. Can you a-holes not just find someone to hold the camera while you repairing the steering wheel tilt motor? Idiots.