Changing the Lexus LS430 smart key remote battery

  • Опубликовано 9 Сентября 2016

    Автор: kesabsy

    Changing the 2005 Lexus LS430 Remote battery is very easy once you know how. It hardly even needs a tool, just something to help pull the battery compartment out.

    The battery is a CR2032 I now get it from Amazon ( 4pcs for a little more than $1 and it gets shipped for free.!

    BTW, the Lexus dealership asked $25 to change the battery. I just did it for $1.10 !!!

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25 dollars to change a battery? loooololl fucking rip off...its so easy to change the batt.


$25? Bargain at dealer. You get to enjoy a nice coffee, donuts and wifi while there.


Great video, thanks. . . It really saved us money and time to go all the way to the dealership. . .


Well done! Saved me $25 plus a trip to the dealer!

Rudy Hassen

Excellent. Thank you. It's a CR2032 battery in case anyone wants to get one in advance.


Awesome! Your video saved me time and saved me from potentially damaging my key fob. Thanks!


Thank u so much u saved me a trip gas and money!!!


Well done! Thank you very much!

Jim Hopson

Thank you so much for posting this you saved me a lot of aggravation.


It really p-ed me off when I took it to the dealer and they wanted $25 for a stupid battery change. As if they don't make enough money already. I figured there were a few others out there that needed it. I'm glad it helped all of you.


Do you know how to replace the batteries on the 3button keys?? I have a 3 button(front) key for my RX300 and they want 15.00 each to replace the batteries on 2 keys(30.00 total). I cant seem to find a video for mine. THanks for posting this though I bet you saved people money for sure! good job!. Vicky


Do you know how to replace the batteries on the 3button keys?? I have a 3 button(front) key for my RX300 and they want 15.00 each to replace the batteries on 2 keys(30.00 total). Also is it true that you can only find the batteries for Lexus keys in the dealer?? The guy told me That I would not be able to got o radio shack or anywhere to find the battery to fit my Lexus keys..Is that true???? I cant seem to find a video for mine. Good job o this one :).


Well, a lot of remotes don't have changeable batteries, they get recharged as you use it. So if yours can be changed by the dealer, then it means it is able to be changed. So you would have to look for some crack or seam in the case and follow it, if it is all sealed all around then it might not be possible to do it with finesse. The ones like the BMW keys, have one piece key bodies and the only way to do it is to cut through the body and change the battery then glue it together.



DJ Djones



Thank you very much. Very helpful

gorm alah

بالنسبة لتغيير بطارية مفتاح تشغيل لكزس sc 430 موديل 2003 يوجد مسمار صغير على وجه المفتاح تفكه ثم تفك بلاستيك المفتاح الى نصفين بطريقة هادئة وبدون عنف لان التصاق المفتاح شديد ثم تجد غطاء داخلي مثبت بمسمارين صغيرين تفكهما ثم تجد البطارية القديمة وتخرجها من مكانها بطريقة السحب ثم تدخل البطارية الجديدة مكانها وهي من توع CR 1616 ليثيوم ثم تعيد الغطاء الصغير مكانة وتقوم بتثبيت المسمارين ثم تضع الغطاء الخارجي بطريقة جيدة ثم تثبت المسمار الخارجي مكانة ، اللهم اغفرلمن كتب هذا الارشاد واسكنه فسيح جناتك


very good, clear video. thanks for the help. (who gave this a thumbs down? no pleasing some people.)

Jack Splat

With the video above, took me less than a minute to change the battery.

Ali Al Sadiq

thank you so much for your help

Pro Line Auto Body Shop Pro Line Auto Collison

Very good information and useful. Thank you

Gerry Keefe

Thank you so much ! This is exactly what makes the internet useful, videos like this. I paid $35.00 when I had mine replaced in 2010 @ Rt. 10 Lexus in NJ. But i didn't know until after he was done, how ridiculously expensive this is. Like alot of devices in your arsenal, it seems so easy to fix once someone explains it to you. Which of course, Lexus never would. Thanks again Kesabsy ! Saved me $35. and an hour and a half out of my day ! : )


Many thanks for the video, you saved me some cash

l.b van winkle

this video was a life saver not to mention the money..I am so far from my dealer.. Thanks for this ..Your great


Glad it helped Van, You're welcome Gerry, Joseph, Audio, Nemo Gorm, DJ and all the rest. 


Thanks buddy. I followed your instructions and changed mine in no time!


Thanks for sharing! 


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

vicky vic

hello any one help me on hoe to redesigned because its not working battery was down for long time just changed the batteries light coming in remote but nothing happing in car


Thank you for this video sir. It literally took longer to watch the video than to change the battery.

Ted Pollard (Tp Tech)

Thank man i would have broken the key without this video.


Thank you for the excellent "how to" video. Well done and very helpful.

nomadic traveler

Thank you so much.The trips to the dealer for a battery change is now over.


This is an EXCELLENT video. Every time I need to replace a battery on my smart key I just go to this video. Thank you.

Tom n Jaci

Simple once explained... Thank you.