2010 Lexus RX 350 Remote Start Demonstration from Lexus Of Richmond

  • Опубликовано 9 Сентября 2016

    Автор: Lexus of Richmond

    http://www.lexusofrichmond.com 2010 Lexus RX 350 Remote Start Demonstration from Lexus Of Richmond. Let us show you how to work the remote start feature on your new 2010 Lexus RX350!

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Why would it shut down when you enter? That defeats the purpose. Why would Toyota/Lexus make this? I used to have an alarm with remote start, and I used it during summer to cool off the interior of the car. By the time I get inside, I just put the key in ON position, step on the brakes, and the car is good to go. If it had to "die" and I had to restart the car again, I would be pissed. Good video, Lexus of Richmond; bad feature, Lexus.

Kyle Pantano

I agree

Johnny Nguyen

What the use? every car new has a start button! duh! I rather go inside a push the start button! instead of push three times!?! R U kidding me!?!


It would possibly stop a criminal from entering the vehicle and trying to steal it because they would realize the keys were not in it...

Francis Scott

Remote start is common in the Middle East. We start our 4x4s from the office, so that the car air con chills the interior temp. In Canada they also use remote start, so the cars are nice and warm before entry!

Francis Scott

Oh, and re the engine shut off when you enter the car... All cars do this. It is very annoying, but is a safety feature (in case you move the gear shift upon entry of the car).

Michelle L M

I have an HS 250h with remote start and I feel it is very difficult to get the remote start to turn on. I know I am supposed to press the lock button 3 times, holding on the 3rd, but I hardly ever get it on the first try. Any tips? (And yes, the fact that the car turns on when entering is annoying, but safety first I guess.)

Rj Ducksworth

@francoscott not escelade 2011 model

Rj Ducksworth

@krazyfrazyJ WRONG! it is oppotinal you pay a so much extra for the start button i should knoiw i have a ls 430l sport

Jason Lin

@airpolgas I agree... I am really pissed at the way lexus did the remote start. First pressing 3 times is just not very convenience. Sometimes I don't even know if the car has started, at least have a LED light indicating that the engine has indeed started. Second, yes totally agree, why the F we need remote start if it will shut off once you enter the vehicle. Pisses me off as will, as I have to press the damn Start button again. FOR people looking for remote start, skip this option.

Robert Worth

kinda nice on a cold winter day have the vehicle all warmed up before climbing inside...windows defrosted ready to go.