2016 Lexus RX 350 Full Review / Start Up / Exhaust

  • Опубликовано 9 Сентября 2016

    Автор: AutoMoHo

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    2016 Lexus RX 350 in Silver Lining Metallic with Black leather Interior. for 2016, the Lexus RX comes in 4 different trims level, starting out with the Lexus RX 350, RX350 F Sport, RX 450 Hybrid, and last the RX450 Hybrid F Sport. In this Video, we going to do a Start up the engine, Listen to the Exhaust sound and take an In Depth review of the interior and exterior. Hope you guy enjoy the 2016 Lexus RX 350.

    2016 Lexus RX 350 Base Listed @ $41,900
    The one Feature on this Video with Options Listed @ $58,905

    New videos coming every week.
    ==Want to see a car you like?? Comments in the comments section and ill try my best to film it ==

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Waltão B



Nice Car

Steve W

I can't believe that Lexus took their best seller and turned it into something so ugly!

AbuClaib -l

Thanks for sharing. beautiful car


the push button is to adjust the depth of the cup holder. you can push them down to hold bigger beverages, and hit the "Up" button to bring the cupholder back to its original position.


This is my dream SUV if I can afford it

Kristin Thieler

This sub is excellent- it has everything I expect and want in a luxury vehicle ....I never really considered an RX before this generation - I'm in love ...I have to go check this one out too besides the others I'm considering. Although I go to the Baton Rouge and New Orleans websites to check inventory and they don't have them up there but I see you have one in Baton Rouge, so they do have some kind of selection I'm assuming? Great review as always


Love the front, hate the back..it feels like they badly copied the Nissan Murano's floating roof-line and just made it purely ugly...I can only stand looking at it in black cause the floating roof-line bends in and it then looks normal, otherwise, EW! Plus that weird crease under the rear glass looks odd..like a very hunchback sedan...competition looks and most likely performs better...so no RX for me! Great and informative video though, keep on the good work =)

BadPing | MCSG & PVP

You put sooo much work into your videos, very very great job, and I want my dad to buy this car xD.

Fazrizan Reid

Could you make a video of the 2016 Audi A8 L, 3.0 & 4 version. Please


OMG ruuuuuuuuunnnnn it's a killer catfish on the loose!!!


I subbed just for the stand up comedy you do during the review impersonating foreign accents with 'd in every word. LMFAO Comedy gold man.

Sheldon's Channel

My dream suv was a Range Rover before now possibly considering one of these !!! In the near future

Archie Bernardo

looks like a Nissan murano...

Kyree S. Williams

Hey, AutoMoHo. Regarding the "PUSH" button in the cupholder assembly: the frontmost cupholder has a base that will move down with pressure, to accommodate taller cups (because if they stick too far out past the console, they won't be secure anyway). Pushing that button resets the cupholder base to the original level; I guess it's a spring-release mechanism. Oh, and excellent production, as always. Keep up the good work.


原油Lして 乗り物に乗るんや… (´・ω・`)

Ness Rosenbrad

So nomore big screens, manufactures are all making wide screens now? How wide is it ?

retroaries12 eniayo

is this the safest suv in its class?


Lexus needs to quit imitating the Germans & eliminate the horrible navigation tablet screens on top of dash.

Непослушный гражданин

Красивая машина.

Jose Agustin Castellanos Vargas (Juan pollo)

2016lexus rx 350 full review start up exhaust castel

Thean Long

can you do a full review of 2016 lexus lx570?

Đŕ. Bøöm

Best review EVER .. Thank you so much for your time .. Love it <3

a z

great review. well done.

Naif Saud

I still love buses and my s65 :)

Vander X

Please do 2016 Lexus NX-200t

Eden Maru

I hope the starting price is at $10,000

Charleston Green

The button that's marked "push" inside the cup holders, allows the base of the cup holder to return to normal height after you have put a tall cup into it. The base of the cup holder is able to depress or go down to fit the height of tall cups, so your drink is less likely to spill.

shabab Hossain

I'm getting this next year


Please review the 2016 Nissan Sentra. It would be greatly appreciated.


Great review! However, the car looks like a pube shaver :(

Mark Fall

Great review - thanks :-) Just a couple of extra points - a really useful function if you have a garage is the ability to adjust the opening height of the tailgate. Also useful if you've parked in an area with low ceiling height, it offers 5 different heights and is set through the centre information console. Secondly, there is a useful stowage space for your iPod between the 'mouse' and the main storage compartment under the central arm rest. The interior light switch functions aren't actually heat responsive, they work using static electricity. Keep up the good work, and thanks again for a comprehensive and useful review! :-)

david craig

The button in the front cup holder is for accommodating taller bottles so they do not obstruct the view of the climate control buttons. Once pushed the front holder sinks lower, allow access to climate control buttons.

chemari 1235



Ma voiture de rêve je suis agent commercial fousseyni mangara

Paul C

For the first time, I am interested in the Lexus 350... I 'll put it on my short list for my next car


Went from a very feminine SUV to a masculine SUV. 2015 model is better for the "soccer moms". Just my opinion.

Cute Funny Twin Boys

We purchased 2016 RX350 one month ago, the new car has strong toxic odor...

Nguyễn vũ Đức Hoạt

thích lắm

Jimmy Martinez

Too much crap going on. As if the oversized spindle grill wasn't enough. Daring is an understatement. Tone it down a few notches, lexus. Geezuz. It's screaming for desperation.


The pink-tinted intro of this video made it clear from get go if it's worth watching this "review"...


thanks for the great video im getting the f sport package so much usefull information i never liked its predecessor this is a great replacement


this guys accents funny LOL sounds like a chinese robot

Alpha Monkey Animations

Every time I hear this guy I think of Bobby Bushay from the Waterboy

Aaron ZHAN

nice car.


I hated this car when I first saw it and now I am in love after sitting in it. Drives great. Only downside is that Lexus charges for every little extra thing down since it is so popular you have less bargaining room. Deciding between this. NX or BMW X3 and I'm leaning towards this. Great review!!

qtaro samurai

Can't wait as it coming within this month OMG lol


I'm gonna buy it after few days can't wait

Sareiviseth Diep

how much does it cost for this particular model ? and what is the price different compare to the F badge?

seth lachem

good review. thumbs up...


One word - no two, actually - Disgustingly ugly.

Lã Thuận


Toonie Girl

Good job

Bo Al-sharef

Very modern and futuristic design.


dunno if just me but it looks smaller than old generation

Gabriel G

How is the ride with 18" & 20" wheels compared ?

Serge Khmur

Styling-Apparently in last 8 years or so all car stylists and especially Japanese are in fearsome competition whose cars are UGLIER. This one is good example of that. Piece of UGLINESS


thanks for your review. I am sure the RX350 is ok with regular gas. Its the RX450 that requires premium....same deal as the previous generation

President Diamond Sovisouth PDS

I like this car very much I want to buy this car, how much?

sicarevoluta sica

Tacky car of a black rapper

Sam Sd

Very nice and detailed review. thanks. I am getting my RX in a week or so. very excited.

Manh Tuan

i will be rich to buy it.


For a torque of 260ish at 4000rpm, could anyone tell me how fast it accelerate comparing with other luxury SUVs that have 250ish torque at 1750rpm? I drive a Land Rover evoque and I seldom let the car go more than 2000 rpm at start. It is already accelerated pretty fast, will the rx 350 be comparable fast when starting at 2000 rpm? How responsive the car is? Anybody switch from Land Rover to Lexus suv?

Edgardo Muñoz

I like this car it is absolutly beautiful, nice desing

Andy T

I like your accent.

Иван Набатников

жесть колхоз в интерьере и это 2016ого года авто

Minh Lee

Hi are you Vietnamese I like your car can you give me a call at 260-5792 three 59

IS 350

Check out these beautiful leather key fob for the RX http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01BI320B4 http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01EDDXHGI


intro song anyone?


Not sure if I'm diggin this new look


it"s best my uncle bought it

Ahmed “AMK” Mohd

The only thing I don't like about this car is the dashboard!

Ahmed “AMK” Mohd

The thing next to the storage compartment in the middle does open

Nayana Jayadeva

I brought this car really big problems. Brand new car. Having exhaust problem. Dealer keeping 7 days. Still can't find real problem.


Nice thorough review, well done! Like most of the changes-don't like the unleaded premium requirement, is that just for the f-sport?


Great review, thank you

Trung Nguyen Hoang

Xe toyota

Quotes Of The Day

i think this guy is manager


It's ugly. An SUV that is trying to look like a supercar.

Doggy Dog

it revs to 7 good god

Manuel Fallah

What is this model ? Lexues RX 350 base model or F SPORT?

TheExpoldingPandas Purducttions

How the back seat go further more back?

Jamiyla Portier

I have a car like that well kind of its the same but i have big rims on it xD

Raphael Rachi

The front is absolutely ugly. Complete turn off!

Arun Parmar

It looks exactly like the 2016 Nissan Murano that I just got